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Brian: Tell us a bit about yourself?

Jake: My name is Jake Ginsburg I’m 32 years old and currently live in Tucson, Arizona. I’m owner of Jake of All Trades handyman service, not your typical handyman. I’m an artist, a creator, welder/fabricator, and all around fix it guy. My FJ is my work vehicle so she is beat up from daily usage, it’s a 4wheeler not a show truck. I learned the trades from being lead crew member of a high end replacement/new construction window company straight out of high school. During the economic downfall when the company went under, I decided I would never work for anyone again. I immediately came up with my business name and plan. I’ve been pretty successful ever since, my name spreading by word of mouth, it’s always interesting in my profession.

Here is a custom loft I built

I also make large metal flower sculptures

My parents moved here in 1989 from a small town in Minnesota where we were the only Jewish family. We owned the grocery store for decades in a town of 1500 people. My great grandfather was assimilated into the region there when he emigrated from Kiev Russia in the 1911, in 1935 he built Ginsburg’s grocery store.

Rural Minnesota towns started to dissipate, business began to dry up and people were no longer supporting local business unfortunately. My father got his teachers degree, a job in Tucson, and my mother finally was able to start her nursing career. Also escaping the hordes of mosquitos was high on our list of dreams. We were always drawn to the western states, spending weeks every summer exploring Colorado and especially the San Juan mountains, it was just natural to migrate closer to mecca.

Pic my father took of the pond near the park in Telluride early 80’s

I live with my fiancée, the love of my life, navigator/spotter through all things impossible. Rebecca aka (TrAiLbUsTy1) we purchased the house she grew up in, in the neighborhood we both grew up in. Where we first met, is just a couple blocks away at a bus stop in my 6th grade. We love growing plants and edibles, taking care of our animals, hiking, 4 wheeling of course, snowboarding, listening and making music, hiphop, breakdancing, graffiti art, eating sushi, making food, and much more. We have a great life and plan on having children in the next couple years. Very thankful to be blessed!

Ouray July 2006 before any fj's made the San Juans home of the FJsummit

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Brian: Going out of your way to help others on the trail was one of the driving factors for being identified as the August Member of the Month. Can you tell us about the 4-Runner you helped recover off a shelf road at the Summit? What trail were you on? Who helped out (Don provided me with a list of names and I’ll give them recognition when posted online as well)? How did you guys setup the recovery or what did you have to do to get the 4-Runner out?

Jake: Every year at the summit it seems as if we are recovering someone. Last year we had to re-attach a transfer case with a cable we made of bailing wire and a screw gun. It broke off and was dragging on the ground of a Dodge Durango on Imogene pass near Tom Boy Basin.

John Bozly, I FIX U UP, Divngirl, and myself

Took 4 hours of hard work to get that thing to even move, broken much damage, my crew got back to Ouray after dark missing one of the parties. We always stop to help people on the trail, it’s all about the golden rule in life. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

So onto the story, sorry for being long winded, no way to turn this into cliff notes. Don’t worry it’s an epic adventure, sit back and enjoy.

We were headed to Mineral Basin below Engineer pass on a late trail run around 11:30 am on Friday of the event. Our group consisted of mostly AZFJers (Mark Seiferth = C-Fish, Mike Harrison = Zzmikey, Danny Mandly= Thunderklees, Jim Long = Jimbolio, and an Okie from Oklahoma named Connor Williams =CMW7373. We were having a great time and I was telling some history of the area all while having hilarious banter over the CB. We received a call on the HAM radio from Cypher (Lawrence from AZFJ), the message relayed by Jimbolio, C-fish and Mikey over the CB. The report was someone while doing the photo run saw across the valley, a green vehicle (Jeep Cherokee) off of the shelf road in a bad situation. We immediately asked where this was, and it sounded like Mineral Basin. We responded to the reports we were receiving from Yoshi, and Puulboy also helped. We kept on the path discussing where this may be, and how to take action. We arrived at the basin and Rebecca and I headed for higher ground to get a better vantage point. We got out of our rig and started tracing all the trails to find a vehicle in need. Finally Rebecca said “holy **** there it is” all you could see is this persons roof hanging off the shelf road, it was not looking good. I got on the CB radio and ZZmikey was already searching above where we spotted it. He found the vehicle (an older 4runner) empty, but Rebecca and I had seen a gentlemen walking with his dog down the trail so we figured he was the owner. We raced down and back up a smaller road above the Basin. By then the owner and his dog were back at the vehicle, I walked up and said “Hey my name is Jake, we are here to rescue you” he was dumbfounded that someone knew he needed help, and we were there within 45 minutes of the occurrence.

All credits for pics go to Austin, Jimbolio's nephew

Much more off camber than this pic was taken

I walked up to the vehicle accessing the situation; he (Jim the miner) had his winch attached to a small rock balancing from certain destruction. Jim was looking for his mining claim and thought surely this trail was the route to one of them. It wasn’t much of a trail and ended 50 feet in front of where he met a rock. If he would have gotten out to look ahead on the trail this could have been prevented. He didn’t have much for recovery gear, no water, just all around not prepared or paying attention. A large rock on this trail he hit with his driver tire tossed him off the edge and was hanging on by a few shale rocks.

This was right at the tree line so trees were hard to come by for a winch point, no access around him, and not a single rock large enough to tie him off. We had 2 winches in our group (Conner and C-Fish), I called on Conner to come up above him about 100 feet or more in a grassy area (we had no choice). We figured having to drive over a little grass was better than a vehicle rolling down the hill, breaking glass, spilling fluids and polluting the area. I parked behind Conner and tied off with a tow rope, we attached to the front ARB bumper on the runner.

Conner up above awaiting winch commands

Meanwhile C-fish got on the shelf road behind the miners rig and parked for recovery, he also was tied off by ZZmikey.

We pulled out every snatch strap, tow rope, shackle, and gear we had from everyone’s vehicle and started with a game plan. We were blessed to have C-fish who works for Expeditioneers, he had so many great items we used including rope shackles 18k rated, we were amazed how well those worked.

Jimbolio and zzmikey

We were hoping to pull the front up slowly from Conner’s winch, and then have C-fish bring up his rear end. So finally we started off with the winching hand signals, spooling in Conner’s, then a bit by C-fish. We soon realized the vehicle was in a more precarious spot then before, inches from going over. We were now stuck with two vehicles attached to a rig about to roll down the hill.

View from above of the recovery

WHAT TO DO…it was really intense and we had to step back for a second so as not to be too aggressive with each other. Luckily Jim the miner was a extremely cooperative and allowed us to make all the decisions without argument. I then remembered an old come-along I had in my recovery gear (which I had only used to pull out fence posts for work lol) I raced to my rig and got the tool, we had to pull out even more straps from Conner’s rig, 2 snatch em straps maybe a tree strap, and another tow rope from mine.

C-fish repositioned the straps on the rear quarter of Jim’s rig.

We found a rock to attach this mess to and were able to keep the miners vehicle from tumbling as zzmikey tensioned the come-along.

Little big rock that held 4runner in place with come-along set up

During this debacle, my dog TrAiLbUsTer hopped out, ran up to the 4runner and jumped on the freaking door, it almost went over and we all yelled at him at this point all we could do was laugh..damn dog had to see what was going on. We were finally able to get C-fish’s winch detached since the come-along was holding, we just couldn’t figure out another place to set him up…we were at a standstill. We then told Jimbolio to call the summit organizers and find a recovery rig to come pull this guy out and assist us, hope was diminishing rapidly.

Meeting of the minds

Thunderklees didn’t want to give up and we decided to walk down this none existent trail in front of the runner. We went a few hundred feet and found the trail turned into dense brush with no access and completely off camber roll over territory. Disappointed, we turned back to the scene and began walking; I looked up and saw a large rock we couldn’t see from our original point of view. Danny and I came up with a plan and headed up the shale rock cliff face. We found it to be quite substantial and able to hold the vehicle. We dug around it to get a better grasp when wrapping a tree strap around.

We pulled the miners winch cable up the face and attached the two; we then cleared the area and began spooling in his cable. It got the truck up 6” but then it slipped off the rock face due to the angle(ARGGGG) we found a much smaller spire to the right of this rock with fissures running through it, it didn’t look hopeful but we were out of options. Again we had him spool in his cable, well this time it held. The rock was literally the thickness of my arm and the height of a tree strap.

Here is the only pic of that little rock

Jim manning his controls

By this time we had repositioned Conner’s winch to the rear driver’s side bumper on the runner. Little by little we slide the rig closer to flat ground; the rock that caused all this was now wedged on his drivers rear tire about to unbead it. He didn’t even have a spare tire on him, I also noticed at this time his CV boot was ripped in half. Further affirming he shouldn’t have been scouting for mines by himself.

Also here was the condition of his fair lead

Well luckily one thing he did have were two huge pry bars, so C-fish, the miner, and myself moved the large rock over so we could get him firmly planted.

After 2 ½ hours we got him back on the trail, it was time to clean up all the recovery gear and restore rocks to their original place.


I walked up to the miner to give him some constructive criticism. “Jim you are from Colorado, you know how dangerous it is to go out on your own, your vehicle isn’t in good shape and you have no water, you know better buddy” he laughed and said he did. He then asked if he could pay us $400 , I refused stating this is what we do, if we were in a similar situation we would want the same treatment. He insisted that we take $300 and go to dinner since 6 rigs helped and 11 people were all there because of his mistake. He told me that when he was younger he would go to the junk yard with his friends, pick out all the 4x4 vehicle parts they could scrounge then travel the San Juans looking for rigs to help. What a role reversal.

We all went back to Ouray straight to O’brien’s pub to eat, tell stories, and laugh at what the day had brought. Many things were realized, we all need winches, HAM radios are a necessity, and a great group of experienced people can bring so much to the table in times of need. Everyone pitched in tremendously; no way without this group could I have helped this person. So happy to have such great people surrounding me from AZFJ and the fjcruiserforums, can’t believe a Toyota truck brought all these diverse subcultures together to become close friends. This vehicle has truly changed all our lives for the better.​

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Brian: Is the FJ Cruiser your first offroad vehicle? If so what led you to owning an FJC? If not what was you’re the first vehicle you took wheeling?

Jake: My first offroad vehicle was a 91 Nissan shortbed pick up truck when I turned 17 I believe, we really abused that thing. Jumped it and destroyed the front end at one point. Shortly after selling the Nissan, my father and I both got Zr2 blazers which we took to the limits, pretty damn capable with some nice tires on them. The one down fall was how narrow they were, extremely tippy at some points.

My white ZR2 and my father’s tan on Orphir pass back in 2002

Learning to spot from my pops

I was introduced into 4 wheeling by my father, he owned a tan 1964 FJ 40 when we were growing up

also he owned a sweet CJ5 w/ Walker Evan wheels/suspension and matching trailer ... the whole 9. My brother in law got a 60 series when I first bought the blazer; he joined IH8mud and made one hell of a nice rig after customizing it. So naturally when the concept came out I was extremely intrigued. So much so, I actually took the time to write Toyota begging to put it into production. Well when it hit the lots we were there to make an offer in spring of 06, I had titanium in mind and almost walked out with the keys in hand. Saw some lies in the fine print from the dealer and threw them in his face, they called for days trying to get me back. I held off until one day I saw a Sun Fusion manual at the dealer which I instantly fell in love with. This is where I met our rig Betsy, walked off the lot with her in hand and grinning ear to ear. Within days we were wheeling well before the break in period. Adding dents and pin striping so we could get over the first casualties. Can't believe to this day how capable our rigs are, and the adventures it has brought.

Here she is now all grown up

Brian: What modifications have you done to your FJ Cruiser to date?

Jake: Here is my build thread AZFJ Forums Technical Discussion Member Buildups Betsy the bull, a manual trannys story

Suspension system
Walker Evan 2.0 coilovers 3" adjustable shocks with reservoirs
Walker Evan 2.0 rear shocks with reservoirs
2007fj's (red eye fabrication) custom sway bar quick disconnect
Beard quad limit straps

Allpro items
Front skid
trasmission skid
transfer case skid
Front bumper
Lower rear ultimate links
Upper control arms

Additional armor protection
Boztec rear differential skid

Rock rails
Hybrid Demello welded onto frame

Custom work
Custom rear lower link skid 3/16" box out
Custom body mount chop
Steer horns attached to front AP bumper
SKulls on roof rack
Arizona pin stripping
Scuba driver ported through rear jack area
DOt it LED GHETTO rock lights
Found an old Garfield stuffed toy at the landfill attached to bumper
Custom skull shifter
Cargo net/papertowel/shackles/sunscreen/camp soap etc

Traction devices
Rear diff atrac hack (Alex hack) runs both at the same time by splicing one wire

Drivetrain modifications

4.88 Superior gears

Goodyear Duratrac 315/75/16 from Discount tires (best tires yet from the good guys at Discount Tire)

Wheelers offroad rockcrawler black 16" steelies

Muffler system
Custom high tuck exhaust from Exhaust workz in Tucson
Flowmaster can

2- KC 8" attached to AP bumper hoop

Midland 75822 attached to dash by industrial velcro from home store
Magnet mount antennae from radio shack (no longer available)

Interior mods
08 sun visors
Stock subwoofer w/ subwoofer hack (doesn't work past 50 on the fJammer lol)
UltraGauge (scan device)
LED lights (thanks Homedaddio)

Exterior mods
Rear spare gas can mount
stickers galore
Baja roof rack (1st prototype)
Stock Rear bumper removed silver plastic wings
custom denting

Outrider rear shock armor
Metal Tech Tube Doors- Customized full doors I built with removable Lexan panels

Offroad Concepts raingler roof rack grabs
Steer Horns attached to bumper

Recovery gear
Hilift jack
Regular jack
screw gun
ext. cord
dremel tool
ARB bushwacker exhaust jack
bailing wire (use with screw gun you can make cables)
Zip ties
Hose clamps (every size)
Locking nylon threaded nuts
rear stock shocks
Spare CV axle
sway bar links
misc. parts (rescue tape, duct, silver, electrical, rescue tape (seals hoses))
grease gun
Tool bag (everything hammers prys ect...)
180 piece socket ratchet set
Breaker bar with 2 - 1 1/2' cheater bars
60' maybe 80' of tow strap
14 ton come-a-long
First aid gear (extensive)
Cold weather gear
Hot weather gear
Dehydrated food
Spare CV
35mm socket for CV
Toyota red radiator fluid x2
ATF fluid
JB kwik weld

Brian: What upgrade is your least favorite? Or what modification would you do differently if you had to do it over again?

Jake: For sure plasti dipping my roof rack, what a joke. That stuff can't withstand AZ pinstriping and handyman daily usage. Only reason I even tried was a lame attempt at getting better CB reception.

Also I had to rip this beast off, way too top heavy haha

Also had to get rid of this roof rack

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Brian: What future modifications do you have planned for your FJC?

Jake: Winch, HAM radio, PA system with cow noises to go with my steer horns:D. Soon to obtain my brother in laws adventure trailer he built with an RTT attached, it’s painted like a Zebra and we will probably keep it that way. I'll have to add a few things to that monster to make it more capable. Someday we dream of putting a solid axle swap on the front making Betsy even more of a beast to be reckoned with.

Brian: You’ve been very active in wheeling in AZ and CO. Which folks on the forum have you had an opportunity to go out with?

Jake: After 7 years at the summit and Moab, after 8 years on the forums. It's kinda hard to name the hundreds we've enjoyed wheeling and meeting with. We go to California, Utah, and Colorado, many people have made an impression upon us. I can't thank the FJ community for the friendships, lessons learned, and enjoyable adventures we've been blessed enough to partake in.

We truly love our Tucson/Phoenix folks, everyone is so unique, hilarious, insane, and a huge part in our lives. Most of all I gotta say Tibaal, he keeps my big head grounded, and has brought me to another realm of wheeling which I never thought was possible. He’s helped me become more comfortable with maintenance on our vehicles, doing shock installs etc. He never ceases to amaze us, always profound, we bonded from the moment we PMed on Fjcruiserforums. Tibaal thank you so much for being you, never change, and I know you will always exceed in life, Rebeks and I both adore you. Sonic, Puulboy aka wicked aka THE DON master wood refinisher, Angry Tim, jimbolio, zzmikey, Homedad, jagalicious, Pauly, ratfink, gliderz, jagalicious, Pauly, Chigoe, microbe, thunderklees, deaz (our neighbor) :D , BellyDoc, blue10, Gina, YOSHI, Pumbaa and Fj4Jessa, 2screws, finn, C-fish, wildbill, bloodhounds, bluepeace, cypher, 1leglance, bushwacker, (my brother from another mother), CopDoc (RIP), Amazed (cayce) from Ih8mud, and so many more.

California peeps NorCal and SoCal have always accepted us like family since the first summit and Moab mayhem. Skersfan (my other father), Cowboy CEO (Steven), Mudlovin Arien, Dominic, FunJunkies (Mike and Tamae..Maui, Lia), BZwires, CA Annie and Mark , Leonie, Divngirl (Trish), Bobonel (Chris), Munkay (Angela) John Bozly (owner of Boztec) , kokopeli, potatomutato, The Mainsters, phufoo, Butch2surf, Cherise and Leroy, Jon from All Pro, Jason Demello, Spertiera, N1ntendo, fjessence, Dissident, FJJeremy, BJ’sFj, Bossquatch, Maureen Muddygirl, JenNjuice, David Hoàng Chiêm Ivan, so many great people, sorry if I forgot someone.

We idolized people when we first joined like Sun Fusion Cruiser, Bandi, RoverGGM, Aggie, CheFJ, BigBadFj (who showed us what real wheeling was) Macleod, Powertechn, FlyNdrive and Julie, BMThiker and his lovely wife Kitty, HwTrader aka sonic, the entire Leg ****** crew, Dig 4x4, FjCameron from Toronto, Bam Bam from New Orleans, Prof. T from MN, The amazing Dirtchick, Max 9.5, Soup (aka Stewie) Trader admin of FJCCentral before it disappeared and he went up the river, T2cruiser, Bostonian, Seth, Ty (thank you for the summit guys) Gottagetone, MissFJ, Volhoo, BigGuy aka 9mil (even if ya hate me), Fjhoggie, outlaw, Chewey, Montana tailgunner and his amazing father Phil, Dragon (even if we all fought a bit), ShadowWarrior RIP (it’s all about the seat time).
Later we met other amazing souls like, I fix U up (my brother), George aka Crazy Hermit from NM, Cashnuts from TX, BAMfj (Joseph from Las Vegas), Shellie and Curtis from Sin City, SouthTexasCruiser, Woodsman, Hidnky Edith from KY, PinkTornado, kokopelli, Tonysbluefj, Outlaws, Redbird from Shy town, AceBrown, Flatlander2, Laura and Joe TTguy, Converse from WA, Dr. Gonzo da Jimmy, Digger from TX. Coaf (the instigator Khal), DennisLloyd Dennx, brutalblue Susie and Bruce (love you guys), LT and Mark from metaltech, Texascruisergirl, fjteddy from Quebec, Earl Da Squirrel from Moab, Sean Sykora, Bigpoppa, Athena from CO, CoChef, Rockymountain high, Andii. Shirly Dale w5wi, Wilson from TX, Jacque, Landy, Raggler WILLLYYYYY, OldSarge, BlackIceCruiser, BlackIceBob, CMW7373Conner from OK, the list gets more extensive every event. So many others from ever state in our lovely nation, many countries, and different continents, 13 year ago I would have never imagined this diversity of friends we have now.​

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Brian: Where all have you been with your FJC? What trail/park/location is your favorite?

Jake: When we were stock TrAilbUsty1 and I set out to do everything in sight, we had to show the capabilities of the FJC, first we started with local trails showing the jeep guys how it’s done, and running with the old FJ’s from IH8Mud.

We gained some recognition and then tried northern Arizona and most importantly Moab. Moab is where I was finally humbled and brought back to Earth after our so called accomplishments. BigBadFj in 07 showed me a place beyond my dreams, somewhere that was completely foreign. I couldn't believe we were going up and down these slick rock faces with ease during Moab Mayhem (an event we put together). He is such an amazing person, father, spotter, and all around great guy. I then decided I'd try Hells Gate with the trail team spotting me, things went terribly wrong and I almost rolled going up.

Lesson learned, this sport is inherently dangerous and you must respect it. We broke 5 differentials, and one inchworm transfer case output shaft on that trip, 8 rigs we started with, and ended with only 3 driving out by their own power. Moab became our second home, we organized events there every summer since 07 leading dozens of friends over the red rocks. I became very familiar with the trails and how to wheel there, nothing more beautiful than that region. During one of our events Rich and I organized a raffle on the trail Top of The World where I surprised Rebecca with a proposal. I won a key chain as the last item, she had no idea what the hell was going on when I got on one knee. So yeah it holds a special place in our hearts.

(pic courtesy of BigGuy)

I later conquered the Gate

BigBadFj and I in a tub

Nothing like staring at the sky

Side option at Hells Revenge

Playing around at the beginning of Britney Spears at Area BFE in Moab

We've tried to make it every year to Pismo Oceano Dunes for Surf N Turf, that is one of my favorite places to wheel. Since we have lots of rock crawling down here, I find the dunes unique and insanely fun with my crew from CA the ATC (All Terrain Crew) or the DDD (Dangerous Dune Dwellers).

Here is a pic of me doing a rainbow at Surf N Turf

Another fabulous place is the Cinder Hills near Flagstaff, nothing compares to the descents and ascents that place has to offer. It's like wheeling on the moon while your traverse the volcanic cinders.

Back in 06 saving a jeep

Leading the Cinders trail at Sedonafest 2012 (pic courtesy of Dennis Lloyd)

We also love all the trails SoAZ has to offer, this is one of our favorites. Charouleau Gap

Also Chiva Falls here in Tucson


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Brian: What park/location that you have not been to yet would you like take your FJ too?

Jake: We hope to go wheel with all our friends in Texas at some point, really we are open to travel the country finding these gems. The Rubicon is high on our lists to go experience, hopefully sooner than later.

Brian: What has the FJCruiserForums done for you and what can the forum learn from you?

Jake: The forums truly saved me from getting in trouble when I was younger, I lost most of my friends to hard drugs and really all hope in humanity. Being able to connect with normal (slightly haha), diverse, intelligent people from all over restored my faith. We spent countless hours on FJcruiserforums, and our old forum the brown room FJCCentral, chatting, laughing, and learning the ways of the Fjcruiser together. Even to this day we keep in touch with most on a daily basis via chat, still giggling and poking fun at life. I hope people can be less serious, more understanding, and accepting of all walks of life. We all have something to add, the more you know the more you realize you don't know a thing. Have fun, live life to the fullest.

Brian: Has anyone on the forum inspired your build or been a go to resource for you?

Jake: Bandi has always been amazing for information; he inspired me on my build. One of the first to get Walker Evan shocks from All Pro, and his rig was just made for wheeling. When I need help I always end up contacting Tibaal, Puulboy, Gliderz (such good people), Pumba, and Bzwires, they have come through during dire times of need. I find the forums very helpful with how to’s available by a click of a search button. No way would I feel comfortable enough to dive into replacing parts without that valuable resource.

Brian: What has been the most memorable experience with your FJ Cruiser?

Jake: My near roll over on Hell's Gate still to this day is quite ingrained in my head.

07 Moab Mayhem

Every adventure has been the time of our lives, I can't really narrow down one exact experience.

Brian: What advice do you have for someone new to the FJC or the forum?

Jake: You don't have to spend 20k on modifications to have a capable wheeling rig, keep it basic, more parts added = more problems. Get a nice suspension, some larger tires and go have the time of your life. Be open to new situations and absorb info from people who know what they are doing.​

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Way cool Jake a big congrats to you...:cheers:
I'm so proud of my boy all growed up, tears come to my eyes.

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Congratulations and great interview!

65 Posts
This has been one of the best member of the month interviews in have read. This is really inspiring, and I think in can speak for Texas in saying you are welcome here anytime!

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Way cool Jake a big congrats to you...:cheers:
I'm so proud of my boy all growed up, tears come to my eyes.

Ohhh noooo I forgot to mention my little ray of sunshine ^^^ so sorry Alston, you have always been a good friend and insight into life. Thanks man!

I'm truly honored to once have been one of the misfits from the rogue brown forum, a Leg H umper, almost banned multiple times, to being member of the month. Never thought this would have ever come to fruition. I'm glad to see things changing around here, life is too short to continue hatred.

Terribly sorry if I missed anyone in particular, you have all helped me with becoming a better wheeler and person. The forum has brought so much insight into human nature and how to mediate situations even in real life. THANK YOU everyone!!!

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Congrats and great looking rig. I hope to get the chance one of these days to meet you and do some off roading with you.

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Very cool. I like the camper mod...:lol:

Awesome recovery stories and family history.

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congrats jake great writeup of the interview and thanks for the shout out buddy you are truly one of the homegrown FJ veterans around here!

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Jake!! Way to go buddy!!! I might have missed this in your BIO but didn't read anywhere that you became an ordained "Dudist Priest" specifically so you could marry Dan and Jessa under Bridal Veil Falls on Black Bear Trail.

You will always be a bro and hero of mine! You rock buddy!!!
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