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Chris gave me a jingle today, as he was up here in WA. state from AZ.
Here is a thread over on his forum.
Expedition Portal Forums

He came by my work in the silver ARB FJ Cruiser.
ARB is just down the street from where I work.

He is documenting the installation of the Man-A-Fre aux. fuel tank in the yellow FJ Cruiser that was over in Australia for awhile at ARB and Safari Snorkel for awhile.
The yellow FJ is back here now.

It was nice meeting up with you today Chris.
Nice to put a face with a name and member name.

The silver FJ has changed a bit since I last saw it on our summer run upto Greenwater.
it now has Mojave wheels on it.

Chris as you know is one of the editors of OverLand Journal, a great expedition style magazine.
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