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Hey guys and gals,

We just got back for Atlanta for a parts show and got some new parts in stock for you.

My favorite for the price is the new Michelin GPS unit. This thing is awesome. I got one for myself and love it. Heres a bit about it:

VIAMICHELIN - michelin x-930 gps navigation with 3.5 lcd screen and sirf star iii technology (gps devices)

Michelin X-930
GPS Navigation with 3.5' LCD Screen.
For decades, Michelin has been all over the road. So it may come as no surprise that they've branched out into GPS navigations systems, and truly there could be no more natural a transition. The Portable GPS Navigation X-930 features the powerful Integrated SiRF STAR III GPS Receiver, for accurate, on time location information.

An Obvious Transition of Technology.
As the first fully Michelin-branded portable navigation device (PND), the Michelin Navigation X-930 offers all the qualities of a portable GPS navigation system in one small package sporting a 3.5 inch color LCD screen. Light, compact and portable, this stylish device is easy to install and use!

Long Lasting, Easily Portable.
The Portable GPS Navigation X-930 is powered by a long lasting lithium-ion battery and features an SD card slot so you can upload information about just about any location, destination, and everywhere in between! There's no need to strain yourself, either -- this device weighs only 4.7 ounces and less than five inches wide! And there's more!

Maps For Almost Anywhere in North America!
Instantly access door-to-door route planning. Featuring preloaded maps for the United States and a supplemental DVD-ROM for Canada, you'll never feel lost again! Michelin includes standard equipment for mounting the The Portable GPS Navigation X-930 on the dashboard or windshield of your car. For years now, you've trusted Michelin to get you there. Now you can trust them to tell you how, With The Portable GPS Navigation X-930! This product comes complete with mount for windshield or dashboard use, DC power adapter, 110-240v wall chager, USB cable, 1GB SD card with pre-loaded US maps, Michelin DVD-ROM with maps of Canada and QuickStart user manual.

A Closer Look


Portable: Sleek design fits in the palm of your hand or your pocket.
Powerful: Highly accuratenavigation using the latest GPS technology (SiRF Star III).
Easy: Instantly access door-to-door route planning.
Smart: Clear and detailed maps (U.S. preloaded; Canada supplied on DVD-ROM). Turn-by-turn voiceinstructions (English, Spanish, French, German and Italian).
Ready-to-go solution: simply switch it on, insert the SD card with the pre-loaded maps and off you go!
Portable: light and compact, it fits easily into your pocket or a handbag
Stylish: its innovative design, robust yet flexible, fits perfectly into any car and is easily moved from car to car
Exclusive content: includes over 2 million practical addresses, useful for when you are travelling throughout
Easy-to-use: its touch screen, simple menus and easy access buttons provide instant access to key navigation functions
History: saves your last ten destinations
Bypass: redirect your route to avoid roadworks and traffic jams
Speed Warner: alerts you when you exceed speed limits
Map language: change the language displayed on your maps
SD Manager: a PC application which enables you to reformat and restore the pre-loaded maps onto your SD card if it has been damaged
POI Manager: a PC application which allows you to import additional POIs onto your Michelin Navigation X-930

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