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Midland Xtra Talk GXT400 10-Mile 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radios got 2 Asking $55 OBO

Left 4 dead asking $14
Call of Duty World at War asking $14
Call of Duty Modern Warfare asking $14
Soul Caliber IV asking $14
Gears of War 2 asking $20
Force Unleashed asking $14
Too Human asking $14
Guitar Hero Legends of Rock asking $10
Halo 3 asking $14
Halo Reach asking $25
Batman Arkum Asylum asking $20

XBOX 120 gig hard drive with cable to download and add games $60

Burton Junkyard 2003 snow deck $150. They go for 200 on ebay
It's slightly used is in good condition and has a fresh wax on it.

Burton white cargo snowboard pants used $20 almost mint minor dirt stain size Medium

Oakley A frame Blue Len's white frame Mint Condition $75 2003 models

Ralph Lauren Suede Biker style jacket paid $600 asking $100

Ralph Lauren Leather (lamb skin) Golf Style Jacket paid $800 asking $150

Zune 32 gig with chord mp3 player asking $30

Pelican Case I think either 1200 or 1450 series. It's got foam but you'll probably want to order some to replace it anyway. I'm asking $30 I have 2 I used them for xbox's on a deployment. They're almost mint.

will add more to the list as I clean. I figured I'd list here before ebay.
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