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We met again at 9am @ City Market and invited the TT to join us on Fins & Things;

our staging area right before Baby Lion's Back, 10 of us total

here's Dale our Tailgunner

heading down on some of the "fins" pucker factor

side angle's on some of the "thing's" with Bernd ahead of me

here's Jerry concouring an obstacle

our TT Taco doing it

Shirley girl in a TTFJ for her first challenge making it look easy

lunch time

back on the trail and our local guide that lives in Moab, Rick (BLK TRDFJ) he saw us gathering at City Market and came along with the group

our tailgunner Dale heading down

Shirley behind the camera

group is doing some fins & thing's

Dale getting ready to climb up

Rob, Ron, and Zack enjoying the end of the trail

group enjoying today's run saying thier good bye's

SCHWAG was handed out from Albert and his TT :rocker::clap::cheers::bigthumb:

what a day:bigthumb:

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Victor, You da' man! Great shots! I'm still trying to get my images downloaded so I can post!



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great pics!!! looks like you guys had a great time.... and Ive said it before and Im gonna say it again, I NEED TO MOVE WEST!!! so much nicer their...

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great pics Vic:clap:
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