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Selling my lightly used 2013 Moby1 XTR off road trailer delivered in May 2014. This is a custom off road trailer made in Utah. The trailer is in perfect condition and has been stored under cover. It has the following options:

60" cabin width
8" queen size mattress
DC Power #2
AC land power
60W solar panel
Max Coupler hitch
Spare tire
Spare tire rack
Roof rack
Hannibal Awning with sides
Water tank
Sink package
Propex heater
Expedition box
Battery box
Jerry can box
Audio system
Partner steel porta-potty
Partner 20" stove
Engle MT45 Fridge/freezer
Battery monitoring
Water heater
2000W Yamaha generator
Propane manifold kit
Air conditioning kit (requires AC power)

Moby1's website is at Moby1 Expedition Trailers LLC. Pics can be found at Trailer Pics. The wait list for a new trailer is about 12 months right now and with the options I have would be over $40,000.

I wouldn't be selling but I'm renovating my house and found some things that need fixing,.,

BTW - I've heard from a few folks that the trailer is very well equipped, but it may have more than they want. I would consider changing the setup to not include the 60W solar, the Hannibal awning, and the Partner Johhny (neither has ever been used) and offer the trailer at $31,500. The 4.5A solar controller and 15W solar panel would remain but the 60W panel and larger controller would be excluded. The generator will easily recharge the batteries (it has 2 group 31 batteries). I would instead include a Kelty Carport ESB awning and a shower Teepee. I would also consider removing the Engle fridge/freezer and knocking off another $1k ($30,500). The fridge slide would remain of course...


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