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Too much going on at work today, I just realized the title references the STTs when I meant to STT PROS. That said, my first choice are the Maxx but the 11lb weight difference has created some concern. What tires were you running before getting the Cooper Maxx?

I run several due to my work but the last set on the FJ were BFG KOs. The Terra's look to be less aggressive, less rolling resistance = better MPG. The PROS are more aggressive yet but I can't say enough good about the toughness of the Coopers. The MAXXs are a hybrid of sorts w/ more of a MT/ open pattern on the outer lugs and an AT pattern in the middle. The PROS are pretty much a designated MT tire. I'm currently running Cooper AT3 on one work truck and the ST MAXX on the other 2 along with the FJ. The MAXX will surprise you with its road manners and quietness on the road and they are tough off-road. I've beat mine pretty hard with no issues so far. I can't see you going wrong with whatever you choose. All of your choices are good ones. It will just come down to your intended use.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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