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07 mt6- Kenwood ddx8905s head unit W/ Maestro RR- JL Audio MX 600/3 amp, Focal component front, Kenwood 8" sub. I'm using the Aus voltage boosting fuse FYI, voltage ranges between 14.0 and 14.4v. Also have the upgraded OEM taco w/ tow package alternator ( want to say its 120A?)

* I will be doing to big 3 upgrade soon, but honestly do not see this little amp at low volume doing much, besides even volume cranked with all lights and light bar on, still no dimming or voltage fluctuation.
Disclaimer, I'm an electrician. I only say that to set a level of understanding and ability for troubleshooting your ideas.

The amp is powered with 4ga and Velcro mounted under passenger seat. grounded with redundant 4ga through distribution block 1x to seat bolt(sanded to bare metal) 1x to frame about 1' total length. used high end stinger RCA 4 channel (way too long, but bundled well). 12ga speaker wire with clean routing and solid connections Head unit is redundantly grounded. All wire is OFC aka copper, not clad aluminum.

SITUATION- The damn amp keeps randomly going into protect mode! I then have to power off the head unit and turn it back on , then works fine until next time it shuts off again. NOT BLOWING FUSES..

* one problem I had with the amp, was unable to get more than 12v AC on the output side of either front channel. when setting gains I am supposed to be using 17.3v AC for the target. Bridged it shows normal on voltage test using 75% volume and a 1khz tone at 0db. The 3rd channel output is fine . I realize this is an issue possibly within the amp itself, but I don't have the receipt and was hoping to save myself the $175 repair from JL if possible. Should probably be noted that I tried pulling the RCAs and hooking my phone up directly to the amp. Same result:crying

It will usually trip when I'm parking, shift into reverse start to let out the clutch and BAM its dead but not always. Or when coming off a stop, almost seems like a slight bog down of the motor is causing this?
Otherwise, it will randomly cut out when driving down the street, doesn't seem to be volume specific either, can be cranked or very low..

I'm having a lot of trouble figuring this out because i could sit in the driveway at idle and it will run just fine for an hour..

At this point, Ill try almost anything.
Thank you!!!
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