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Meet and Greet
Mountain Transit Authority (MTA) Four Wheel Drive Club :D

Come out & meet members of MTA & learn about our 4wheel drive Family Friendly activities. :steer:

Check out customized rigs from 4Runners, FJ40's & FJ Cruisers, and everything in between. We are always looking for new members and families are ALWAYS welcome :clap:

Where: Hollister Hills SVRA
When: Saturday Feb 26
Time: 10:00am

We will meet at the old obsticle course, in the back by the frame twister. there is a picinic tabel in the back corner. If anyone needs more info please PM me.

So if you have some time and would like more information about our club come on out, it would be great to meet you.. :bounce:
As always Families are welcome, so Please bring out the wife (or husband) and kids.

Check out our website at:
Welcome to the Mountain Transit Authority

Mountain Transit Authority Is a Chapter:
Toyota Land Cruiser Association (TLCA)
Cal four wheel Drive (CAL4WD)

MTA always adhears to Tread Lightly! principles whle out on the trail. :clap:

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