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Last time I'm posting we're talking about moving.
Up for grabs is all this random stuff - the first guy to come here and pick this stuff up can have it at whatever price he thinks is fair. I just want it gone.
Long rack rails (only) - no cross bars, etc. the pic was taken when i had the crossbars. $80obo? you make an offer, I'll accept it!
brand new never used carpet floor mats. $100 obo? you make an offer, I'll accept it!.
Acura Legend ceiling console with homelink, map lights and sunglass holder (to do your map light mod). $30 obo? you make an offer, I'll accept it!
shifter knobs of premium pkg auto. $50 obo? you make an offer, I'll accept it!
custom fit (snug and tight!) sun visor. $30 obo? you make an offer, I'll accept it!
Come over, bring some cash, whatever you think is fair, take it away. It's that or it's going in the dumpster after a week. The prices are totally up for debate - I just don't want to throw this stuff in the trash.
Not interested in splitting this stuff up...if you get a great deal you can sell it on your own, but I just don't have time or space right now.
Also, I have two MEDIUM size helmets, an HJC (black) and a Shoei (yellow), both in excellent condition (used when riding my Ducati)...will give those away if interested. $40/each? make an offer!
email me at tdintrono (@) yahoo (dot) com as I won't be checking here for PM's.

The shifter knobs off the upgrade package FJ:

The sun visor, perfect fit:


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No problemo Village. Glad you like them. I should have thrown in the sun visor for you. Dammit.

Thanks to all who saved some of these items from impending trash doom.

I'm tossing the rack and sun visor in a dumpster tomorrow. Anyone local who wants it can email me at the email address above and I'll give you the address/location of the dumpster behind my house (90066 zip). Unless some bum likes the rack, it'll likely stay there until trash day (Monday).

Everything is gone.
Thanks to all.
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