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it is my FJ's first repair, at 143909 miles.
I heard some belt sound at start, then the sound disappear when warm up,
my first guess is serpent belt, bought a gate belt from amazon, changed it myself, but the sound is still there.
use a screw drive to pin point the sound, it comes from the alternator.

bought a denso alternator from amazon, about $200, begin to replace it....
everything is easy, until end up cannot take down one bolt....
put everything back, drive to a mechanic shop and let him do it for $150 dollar.
add up to 350 for this new alternator.

he checked the battery and it is time to change it.
get one from auto zone cross street, another $170 dollar. this is the third battery. about 70000 mile each battery last.

the sound stops immediately and everything seems fine.

That is the first major repair for this old faithful 2008 FJ cruisers.

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Yeah, I've heard a number of people have issues with that one bolt.
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