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Was under the fj today and kept staring at the tailpipe. I had cut off the last few inches after my last offroad adventure pushed it into the bumper. I really like allpro's answer, but having no money right now, I went to the store and bought a turn down tip (the $4 part) and had at it with the cutoff wheel and welder. Now she's even with the frame rail. Sounds pretty much stock. The hardest part was getting those bolts loose so I could work on the tailpipe on the bench. Broke a socket! Not too pretty, but it'll get the job done and I'm only out $4 and about an hour and a half. The last pic is of the damage the stock tip did to my back bumper....
wooo thats what Im talking about.Cheap n' easy homemade mods.I hate over priced FJ parts.....:rocker::rocker:
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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