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***UPDATED*** 4/28/2014***

Ok so I’ve started another build thread partly because the first one stunk and I couldn’t post pictures…

Chances are this one will suck too but oh well- it’s your life to waste looking :lol:

If you like what you see, post a thought at the end. If you dont like what you a thought on Wikids build thread... If you have any cool stickers... send them to me.

So here’s my second shot at this…

Current modifications:

Suspension/ Steering-
All Pro +2” Long Travel (UCA/ LCA)
2.5” Fox Coilovers w/ external reservoirs
Timbren Bump stops
All Pro Spindle Gussets
Total Chaos Tower Gussets
Total Chaos Cam Gussets
Currie +2” CrMo Axles
All Pro HD Steering system
SS extended brake lines

Custom Metal Tech Long Travel
ICON Omega Twin Tube Bypass- Custom lengthened for LT set up
Light Racing Jounce Shocks with custom welded spacers
Metal Tech Long Travel Springs
Day Star 1.5" Spring Spacer
Metal Tech 3" Bump Drop spacers
Timbren Bump stops- modified
All Pro HD Upper Links (Control Arms)
Metal Tech Offset Lower Links (Control Arms)
SS extended brake lines

Wheels/ tires/ accessories
17” x 8.5” Trail Ready HD Bead Locks with Blue anodized World Series Rock Rings (w/ double rock ring spacers)- Posts 127 and 262
35” x 12.5” 17R Pitbull Rockers (Tennis ball, golf ball and airsoft pellet balanced)- posts 127, 195 & 262
Spidertrax 1.25” Spacer- Rear only
Gorilla Wheel locks (12mm x 1.5” acorn)- post 483
ARB Airdown tool
Powertank 10lbs CO2 tank- Custom Smoked Bronze w/ upgraded Nitrogen gauges, hose and bag
Powertank Air chuck w/ oil filled Gauge
ARB Compressor (See TC / Gearing)

Transfer Case/ Gearing
Marlin "Lefty" with 30 Spline CroMo Output shafts (Front and Rear), 23 Spline Competition 4.7.1 Gears and 4.0 Inchworm Adapter Plate. Installed with Tummy Tuck package- 4" additional break over clearance.- Posts- 970, 996 & 1000
Nitro 4.56.1 Gears (Front and Rear)
8" ARB Air Locker- RD121 for 8" IFS Clamshell
ARB Compressor- Hi-output- CKMA12- 12 Volt w/ 2 Gallon reserve tank- Air lines plumbed to both front and rear bumpers with quick connects (also used to activate locker)- Post 1062

Armor/ Exterior
Front Bumper- Custom Rocktek w/ stinger
Rear Bumper- LoD with Tire Swing out- includes Hi-Lift mount, RotoPax mounts and tray- Posts- 534, 537 & 545
Briareos Bumper Mod
Bud Built 5 piece "Tummy Tuck" skids- PC Hammertone Grey
Bud Built Rear Differential Skid- PC Hammertone Grey- post 483
All Pro APEX DOM Kick-Out Sliders- Won from All Pro-Yea!!
Rocktec Upper link armor
Outrider Lower link armor
FJToyman Shock armor- compliments of Joe!
Aero Light Guards
Kill Helmet!- post-115
Plastic fender removal
Pinch weld "correction"
Threadworkz Custom CB antenna Flags (Toyeti & Punisher)

1- 40" Rigid E-Series light Bar w/ custom roof rack delete mount (not installed)
1 Pair- Lightforce Blitz 240’s with yellow/ clear lens covers/diffusers spot/flood combo beam
1 Pair- Scoprion-LED 109 watt LED (5”)- flood beam- Post 392, 417 and 504
1- Scorpion-LED 12 degree Spot light (Prototype)- Cyclops
1 Pair- Rigid Dually D2’s- euro beam- Post 417 and 504
1 Pair- PIAA LP530- LED lights in rear bumper
LA Trail Teams 10- Side Mirror Light Mod- Amber LED-Thanks Erick!

Pathfinder 9000 lbs non integrated winch
Warn Industries Winch selonoid shut off w/ remote switch
50’ Viking 3/8” Amstell Blue Synthetic winch line with safety thimble and rubber protector
Demello Offroad Black aluminum Fairlead- Custom Fatty
48” Hi-Lift Extreme
Hi-Lift Base
Rocktek Hi-Lift/ Slider adaptor
Bushranger X-Jack (AKA- The Orange Marshmallow)
ARB Premium Recovery (9000 Snatch block, Snatch strap, Tree saver, Winch extension, Shackles, winch line isolator and gloves)
Wheel chocks
Tool Bag- various hand/ airtools
Milwaukee ½” cordless impact gun
RotoPax 4 x 2 Gallon gas cans
(2) Trail Spare +2” CV's
Additional Shackles

Sound system- 17 speakers
Pioneer AVH- P8400BH head unit
JL Audio XD600/6 600watt x 6 amplifier
JL Audio XD500/3 100watt x 2/ 300watt x 1 amplifier
JL Audio remote level controller
6 x 9" Focal Access 690 CA1 SG's 2-Way Coaxial speakers (Door)
TacoTunes 6 x 9" Speaker door mounts
3 1/2" Infinity Reference 3002CFX 2-Way Coaxial speakers- (Dash)
4" Focal Polyglass 100CVX 2-Way Coaxial speakers (Rear Pods)
4" VersaPod enclosures
3 1/2" Polk Audio DXi350 2-Way Coaxial speakers (Rear Pillar)
10" JL Audio 10TW3 Slimline Sub woofer
SubThump FJ Cruiser subwoofer enclosure
KnuKonceptz Kolossus Flex Kable 0 gauge OFC wire-main
Kicker 4 gauge OFC wire- to amps and ground
100 amp AGU Fuses/ 50 amp MAXI fuses
12 gauge Monster speaker wire throughout- soldered connections
JL Audio power distribution block and Battery mount
Dynomat Xtreme Light- 20 sq ft- front doors
Fat Mat sound insulator- 100 sq/ft- floor/ walls/ remaining doors

Communication/ Audio
Cobra LX 29 Limited Edition -Post- 537
Astatic Noise Cancelling Microphone
4’ Firestik FS4 antenna
Firestik SS Spring
Bandi Mount
Astatic PDC1 SWR meter
Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 w/ GPS Trackmaker & Verizon 4G Mobil broadband
Wilson 801212 Dual Band Car Cell Phone Booster Antenna
Garmin Nuvi 500- Offroad GPS
Banks IQ - OBD2 controller/ scanner

Engine/ Electric Other
TRD Drop-in filter
Megan SS catback exhaust- post 309
Dirty Parts Dual Battery Kit w/ Odyssey PC2150 battery and Sears Platinum Battery w/ Lots of booger weldz- post 505
Blue Sea Systems 3000HD battery switch/ single circuit On/Off- 600 amp continuous
2 gauge OFC w/ copper connectors- crimped and soldered- upgrade to factory alternator/ ground system
Blue Sea HD Series Battery Switch- rated at 600 amps continuos

Lots of stickers

PRP Podium Racing seats- post- 485, 492 & 504
Metal Tech PRP seat brackets w/ SRS delete switch Post 492, 504 & 537
Ellis Precision shifter handle- Stealth Black- Post 166
Bones- DeadPedal replacement mod
Custom made rear shelf (deletes rear seats)
Custom S-Track tie down system
ARB 50 qt Refrigerator/ freezerw/ ARB Fridge Slider with ARB tie down straps
Yeti 45 qt cooler
Custom ARB locker/ Compressor switches
Switches for airbags, PIAA lights and D2's
Factory fog light switches for Lightforce and Scorpions
Ram Mount Computer/ GPS
DIY- 12 Volt receptacle
SpringTail Side M-Pac Rack with Large MOLLE bag
SpringTail M-Pac- 1st Aid MOLLE Bag
TPMS light- always on (same with compass- hoping thy burn out soon)
Custom Aluminum Dead pedal - Bone Offroad
Interior grab handles- Knotworx custom paracord- Thanks Tank Girl

Expedition One Geri cans- Water x 2 (4 gallons)
Window tint
DYI Tail light tint

Had/ sold/ not installed
17” stock alloys- blacked out w/ 255/80R17 KM2’s Pizza Cutters- not installed
16” x 8” Konig Countersteer Offroad- Bronze- sold
315/75R16 Yokohama Geolander MT + tires- sold
SAW 3” lift w/ 2.5” Coilovers, 2.0” rear shocks and +2’ springs- sold
Total Chaos UCA's- sold
Recon 10500 recovery winch- sold
4” HID Euro beam off road lights- sold
Viking aluminium fairlead- not installed
Spidertrax 1.25” spacer- sold
Pro Comp 55 watt spot lights- Gave away
MAF adj. rear track bar- Gave away
Ricochet LCA armor- sold
Toyota factory front and rear seats- not installed
Toyota factory suspension- Gave away
Demello Hi-Lift mounts (factory roof rack)- sold
Baja Drop-in Roof Basket- sold
Factory roof rack- Gave away (Now "topless")
Bushwacker Pocket Flairs- sold
Bud Built -Mid skid, T/C Skid and Crossmember- Sold
All pro HREW Kick out Sliders- Gave away- with spot missed....
All Pro +3.5” Rear Springs- sold
2.0” Fox Piggyback 8 way adj. shocks- sold
Outrider upper link armor- sold
Ellis Precision Custom aluminum Fairlead- anodized blue- not installed
Metal Tech Tube doors-sold

The Library of Uselessness!!

Most frequently asked question-
What you always wanted to know about LT suspensions but were to afraid to ask-----> POST 564

How to install/use
Hi-lift- post 45
Spindle Gussets/ wheel clearance- Post 39 & 40
Light test- post 417
Alignment specs/issues- posts 269, 274 & 356
Installing PRP seats- Posts-492 & 504
Installing camera mount for LoD Bumper swing out- post 537
Removing the factory roof rack- post 640
Marlin Lefty Calculations/ how to calculate low gear ratios- post781
Correcting Timbren Rear Bump Stops- post 967

Beadlocks- section
Install Beadlocks- post 262
How to break a tire bead with a Hi-Lift/ Bead breaker tool- post- 954
How to Balance Beadlocks/ Importance of spacers for rock rings- posts 955 & 956
Beadlock ring failure/ know the signs- post 833
How to remove a sheared off Beadlock rock ring bolt- post 858

Suspension flex pics- posts 170, 356, 363, (Jambo 2012- 509-514)
Jambo- 2012 - posts 509-514
WTF 2012- posts- 832 & 865
LT Crackrock in action- video (WTF 12')- posts- 890 & 899

Epic moments in the thread
How to get neighbors to remove the Baja Drop in basket- post 574
The Birth of the new "Walker/ Beadlock" avatar- 720, 749 & 756- (but you need to read from post 720 on...ROFL)
Recent Sticker Pics- post 803
Buffing out Old Sarge's FJ (AKA the Trail Stripe King!)- post- 678

The FJ- 2010, Warm white:

My experience with 4wd vehicles is limited to an 87 ½ Pathfinder (awesome truck) and 2 Subaru’s. So this was kind of an experiment since I needed a 4wd for work and wanted to get rid of my Dodge 2500 which was a POS. Needed something simple and utilitarian but offered some luxury like a nice stereo and comfortable ride (lots of highway driving too). The FJ fit the bill. According to the dealership in Houston, I took delivery of the 1st 2010 Warm White (didn’t call them Iceburg for some reason) in Houston. The 2nd was sitting next to mine (same truck except with manual- not good for the traffic here). Mine was equipped with basically everything- 4wd, convenience packages, roof rack sill plates, yada, yada, yada…


I’ve decided to name my truck the Yeti (I think I was one of the 1st yeti’s back in 09 - lots now! No biggie since thanks to another forum member I’ve changed it to the Toyeti!)
Funny thing is that for the purposes of this build thread it will be referred to as my “Crack Rock” since its basically my addiction and is running my wallet dry :lol:

As with any addiction, your need to get the next “mod” has driven me to sell anything not bolted down…:lol: Just ask Chris Delancy

In the Beginning…

Here it is – stock- the only picture I have from the first full day of ownership. Already for my first mod- a new windshield…Yup a rock from a semi wacked me on day one!

Note: To all prospective buyers- get the windshield warranty – I’m now on my 4th in 2 years and it cost me $450 at signing. For reference- that little strip on the top of the windshield is $400.00 by itself and cannot be reused!

So for the record- this was the best mod I’ve ever made! When you work every day at rigs-with no way to heat your meals- The windshield sunshield with great sun heats up meals great

As you can see… this is not the best build thread:lol:

So I tried to keep it clean and stock but I work in the oilfield on rig roads and that wasn’t an option. So after almost getting stuck on Fireroad #2 in Northern Louisiana (never, ever let a GPS be set on “shortest route”- you will regret it…), I made the decision to get my first real modification- tires

Got the 255/80R17 BFG KM2’s aka- pizza cutters since they offered 33.4” of height and no BMC. They worked so well in the gumbo mud, I hardly needed to place it 4wd. Great 1st Mod.

So then I realized I was able to convince my better half this was a work truck and needed to be “correctly adjusted for the environment for which it was intended to be driven in”. She laughed at me and said do whatever you want to it.

2nd modification
RAM computer mount- I worked out of truck sometimes slept in it while I sat at rigs for 36-48 hours.
Wilson multiband Cell/ internet booster- If you live and work south of Shreveport LA- you know what I’m talking about. Cell service (at least in 2009/ 2010) was pretty bad south of I-20, so the booster really helped to stay in touch and also allowed me to go online at the same time with my broadband aircard. The Rollins sticker was placed there from my house to scare off would be thieves....Stickers rule!

No.... your eyes are not playing tricks on you... that is a glowing purple hippo in the background

3rd Modification
All Pro Sliders with kick out and Aero guard headlight guards.- Sliders are great and work well and the headlight covers were in response to my 3rd windshield figuring the chance of losing a headlight are high! My FJ is a magnet for flying objects and road debris. The sliders came in bare metal and were rattle canned to perfection. Usually requires a fresh coat once a year. A piece of cardboard and 10 minutes and they look like new.

4th modification
This one is a bit fuzzy. I basically drove my truck to the DFW area from Shreveport, LA and had the following done.

New front bumper- Custom Rocktek with longer “stinger” to clear the lights- plus I always liked the stinger look and Justin basically incorporated his look with what I was looking for and it came out perfect.

Installed at the fabricators home!!

A Note about Justin/ Rocktek- Justin installed my bumper and since I added the Bushwackers actually changed the bumper that night to accommodate them (had to shorten the tubes and then recap them. His work is top notch. He also installed the factory switches inside with the lighting and winch on the bumpers. Excellent work!

New winch- Pathfinder 9000. The Recon 9500 I purchased was integrated and would not fit in the newly designed bumper, so I sold it and purchased the Pathfinder through Justin at cost since we basically found out the first winch wouldn’t fit at install. Mental note- know the difference between integrated and non-integrated. Sold the Recon with the steel cable from the Pathfinder and kept the synthetic line (weight savings of 30 lbs)

Bumper lighting/ off road lights- Big yellows- Blitz 240 from Lightforce (these things light up everything in front of me) and the small procomps for driving lights (being replaced with Dually –D2’s)

Here seen with clear covers (pencil beams)

Bushwacker Flairs- These are a nice mod and easy to install. Was missing one “bolt” in the packet. Called Bushwacker and they sent me an entire whole installation package so now I have tons- Great Customer service!!

Continued below

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Total Chaos UCA’s and full 3” Sway Away suspension

Wanted a good lift and ride and found both in the these. The SAW’s carry the weight up front very well and never bottomed out when wheeling in Marble Falls at WTF 3. Excellent set-up. I had no sway bar up front so the front end is a little tipsy when cornering on the road but the payoff when off the road makes up for it.

5th - ? Modification
Basically at this point I went nuts…Anything that I could find with ARB on it went into my FJ. My wife kept seeing the UPS and FedEx guys pulling up to the house with boxes… The addiction was getting pretty severe:lol:
So I’m now the proud owner of the ARB Premium recovery package, Deflator tool w/ gauge, Bushranger X-Jack (AKA- the Orange Marshmellow- and it works very well and fast!)

Other additions:

10 lbs Powertank – “smoked bronze”- Spoke with the owners at Powertank since I wanted to know about how it worked and if it could run air tools like impact guns (very well!). Super great people and they answered all my questions and finished with a deal. They had tried to make a new color but were getting inconsistent results between each tank. So after only making a few they scrapped the color. It’s a smoked bronze and looks great! I got the tank with upgraded Nitrogen ready gauges, oil filled air gauge with air chuck, Bag with air hose and carry handle.
(funny- looks purple in these pictures)

1.25” Spidertrax wheel spacers- Wheelers Offroad
Pre spidertrax-

Note- this is more recent pic- the bump stop was added later on.
Baja Roof Basket (integrates with factory rack)- works very well and other than a little windnoise, has been almost in perceivable but very useful. I have thought about cutting the rear upper bar off so the whole roof could be used to carry larger items.

To be continued below!:wave:

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More stuff!

Expedition One water cans- Used for WTF but actually never used them- just had them on the roof just in case.

Trail tool bag equipped with tons of tools from Harbor Freight, Craftsman, Home Depot and Wal-Mart

Installed a 2nd 12V plug in the center console and added hard line for CB.
Semi installed Cobra 45th anniversary CB with NC handset, 4ft Fire stick, Bandi mount and antenna tuner. CB had the “tune-up” done to it and its somewhat still legal… :lol:

48” Hi-Lift Extreme jack , Base plate, shackles- 4Wheelparts
Rocktek Slider lift attachment- TRD4U

Demello Hi-Lift attachment rings- Demello

Dirty Parts Dual Battery kit w/ Odyssey 1500 battery – Cruiser Larry-GB- Finally installed- Post 505

(2) Powerlift all in one truck lift – it’s a bottle jack with a jack stand together. Works great to keep in the back for lifted FJ’s. This has been the most used mod I have purchased.- Tractor Supply (note: doesnt work for the front end due to LT- now using the Hi-Lift)

Went to WTF 3 in Marble Falls, TX and saw some great FJ’s wheelin and having fun! Some of the FJ's in the pics are other members

MIGZ roof!

(5) 16”x 8” Bronze Konig Countersteer’s with 315/75R16” Yokohama Geolander M/T Plus. Probably the lightest wheels around for the $$. Look like Volk’s but a whole lot cheaper. Weigh only 18 lbs each but built for trucks! Tires were light too at 64 lbs. Main issue with the wheels- the distributer closed shop and he was the sole seller for these in the US. Makes them rare and different.- JDM Motorsports/ Discount tire

TRD Drop in Air Filter- Local dealership

A crap load of stickers…

So this was what it looked like!

To be continued...

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More done...

Even blacked out the lights a bit with rattle cans…

The one on the right- left is used for the sliders.

So after driving the doors off the first year (Oct 2009-Oct 2010) and hitting 36,400 miles with no issues, I decided to let it sit for awhile since I wasn’t working in the US at this point and the mileage wasn’t even a consideration. From October 2010 to September 2011 I only put 1600 miles on it. For the most part of this year, my crack rock sat outside and became a magnet for bird poop…
Went through the “black out phase” while installing my rear bump stops from Timbren (sweet deal on eBay)


Ran my factory wheels w/ Pizza Cutters most of the time to not put miles on the road with my new tires and wheels. Also- couldn’t fit the 315 on the rear -needed new bumper first:lol: Didn’t want to get stranded.

Factory bumps next to Timbrens

Factory rear bumps


"Modified Timbren"- The only way you should run these

Started the “black out” with my wheels first! Satin Black over flat black over primer coat…

Ran out of paint- had to go to Home depot with half done rig to get more paint :lol:

Then I finished all the wheels and gave up on the “black out phase”… to be continued

So the warranty is up (been that way for awhile) so I’ve decided to have more fun, so I hit the pipe again…

This go round had me working with Sarah at All Pro working out a sweet new long travel set up with Fox shocks/ coilovers.

For the Front:
Ended up with their 2” LT kit for the front (longer UCA’s and LCA’s), welded spindle gussets, HD Steering system, 2.5” LT Fox coilovers with reservoirs, Timbren bump stops, extended SS brake lines, Currie 2” extended axles and CV boots . (sorry in advance- wife took these while I was overseas- not very excited and made no attempts to add presentation value…:lol:)

For the Rear:

2” Fox Piggybacks w/ 8 way adjustable settings, +3.5” AP rear springs, AP Lower links (these look like baseball bats!) and Upper Links, Extended SS brake lines and Timbren bumps.

Also picked up the Total Chaos Weld In Tower Gussets and Cam Gussets

More coming!!!

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Started the install with my neighbors who helped with the mechanical side. The other neighbor set up the welder to run right for the application and then let me at it. I used to stick (Arc) weld so this was different with MIG. Buddies machine was a brand new Lincoln 140C which had infinite settings for wire speed and voltage- very nice!

Not bad I thought for my first welds- Booger welds!!

Used Wikid “wicked” CV removal trick- BEST way to remove a CV axle- took longer to tighten the “noose”- 3 slings with the hammer and out it came!

Ran into some issues with incorrect Cam Gussets –Note TC makes different ones for 2007-09 and 2010+. 2010 made the bolts much larger. So had to get new ones sent out and re-weld those- no biggie and props goes to Marco at Down South Motorsports for fixing the issue getting the parts out fast!! Great Customer service!

Ended up losing help (both had to work- I was off) and I was in over my head so I called in the big guns at GCCS- Enter Dave!

I figure it wasn’t a complete failure since it gave me a chance to see how to disassemble the entire front end- which now I know I can do!:bigthumb:

Dave workin the magic!!

TC tower gussets Fit/ welded in by Dave :bigthumb:

Cam gussets-


Total Chaos! Beefy!

And the LCA cam bolts fit the new weld in gussets!! Yea DSM and TC for making it right:bigthumb:

Keep going- its getting better!!:bigthumb:

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The final product:

Additional gear:

Marlin Lefty- Note the missing stock transfer case crossmember- The Bud Built Tummy tuck crossmember is now bolted up. The large center bolt was for install and not under the crossmember now

Outridder Lower and upper link skids and 2nd gen shock skids.- TRD4U

Megan Exhaust- pre production for FJ- Too good of a deal to pass up.

PRP Competition seats

Bud Built Skids- 4" Tummy Tuck

Scorpion LED- 109 watt -5" Flood lights

Dirty Parts Dual Battery- w/ Odyssey battery

ARB 50 qt Freezer/ fridge with protective cover- TRD4U- GB (w/ slider on custom flat rack)

Ridged Dually D2’s-

Stealth Black A/T shifter/ 4WD knobs- Ellis Precision- GB

(5) 17” x 8.5” Trail Ready Bead locks with World Series Rock Rings (Blue Anodized) – Metal Tech- GB with 35" x 12.5" PitBull Rockers!!

Mrs OC approves of this mod!

Metal Tech ICON Omega Custom Rear Long Travel with LR Jounce Bumps in the coils

AP APEX DOM kick-out sliders

A crap load of even more stickers…

What the future holds…

Supercharger (when TRD finally releases it)
Fiberglass fenders
Currie Anti-Rock sway bar
Custom rear Axle with 4 link coil over suspension

A big special thanks to everyone on the forum who had directly and indirectly helped with this project (addiction) - My wife thinks I need an intervention!

Thats all Folks- more coming in the future as it progresses!

So if your a "meat and potatos" kinda person who wants the straight scoop with no filler and ya wanna skip all the chatter in between- jump to post #9. Otherwise enjoy the banter between the folks here on the forum. You could learn a whole bunch and get some great laughs in too- Thanks- OC

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Holy Bejeezus thats one bad @ss ride!!!

Great build thread of an amazing rig!!

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What Ive learned by all this madness!

If you want Long Travel- save your money and wait to get it all. I liked the SAW's and TC UCA's but my goal was always the LT set up. I think for IFS- the LT set up is as close as you can get to a SAS without an SAS...:lol:

Learn from what others have purchased and sold in member builds- it gives you insight into what didnt work or how making an impulse buy can be a big waste of $$ - trust me- I know this 1st hand!

So at the moment!

The ride is smooth. The HD steering is awesome- NO bump steer- works great and now eliminates the weak links.

Still trying to solve the setting on the rear adjustables but AP said to try "4" so Ill do that next

If you go this route- the AP LT UCA's have the zerks on the back (I called AP and suggested they place them up front). The main issue was the TC tower Gussets are in the way... So one popped off zerk its back at GCCS being made perfect! This stuff happens when you take parts from different manufacturers and place them together. blazing new paths where others can learn.

If your planning an LT set up, think big- as in cost- there are less expensive ways to do this but as I have found speaking to others on the forum and my installer- none of these are true "bolt on". So expect the unexpected!:bigthumb:

The AP LT kit offers spacers for standard lift (0-3") coilovers so if you cant do the whole shabang upfront- the spacers allow you to make it happen till you can get the LT coilovers. The TC and Camburg kits are super nice and well made. I went with All Pro's because I hadent seen anyone on the forum with one and the Taco owners rave about them. Another big factor was cost. While the standard TC (2") and Camburg (3.5") kits were closer to 3 large without axles, AP's was (w/ GB- $2400 w/ axles)- axles are about $500 and needed to maintain 4wd. So are they different? One better than the other. I'm not an expert and Ive seen all 3 kits. I would say that any of them would offer 95% of anyone on this forum a superior ride and keep up with about anything you can think of. The other 5%...well theres no helping you:lol: Your all to crazy and like to flip your rigs offroad:rofl:

Spacers or no spacers- With my new wheels in bound, I had to make a choice of back spacing. I went with 4.0" so with the spacers it would give me a nice wide stance and look mean! Ribbit!!

The Bull Frog!

Flexy is sexy :D

Yes...It does get dirty :D

Thanks for reading- Keep going!!! :D

Now jump to #14

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I like it..... don't stop, you're on a roll.....
Wow Baz- your quick! I was posting while you jumped in!! :lol:


Holy Bejeezus thats one bad @ss ride!!!

Great build thread of an amazing rig!!
Thanks Bro!! Guys like you inspired me to write it all down!

So here it is...:rofl:

Even I dont want to reread it all...:lol:


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Gotta say Toyeti is a beast......
so whats next ? !!!!!
ya can't stop now.....
( sometimes down under is quicker..... hahaha) 3.07 pm here, Tuesday
Your killing me dude!!:lol:

When I used to work in Perth during the end of 2010 and start of 2011, no one even knew what an FJ Cruiser was. Then as I closing out my job there, I saw my first FJ in AU! I knew it would rock downunder

The time zones used to throw me when I had to contact people in Texas! Glad all is well in OZ!:wave:


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hahaha... are you back home then, thought you were still in Indonesia !!!
I deal with o/s clients and agents all day and all night long.... so I am used to it....
We are slowly getting more FJ's..... and selling them faster than supply. Still up to 6 months lead if you are fussy about the colour..... I lucked in on a VB, someone cancelled their order..
But ... the big question ... what's next....
maybe just a beer ... and a few weekends hitting the trails...... before winter sets in....
will give you time to adjust and plan the next mod !!! haha
I'll have a coldie for you tonight, while I'm cooking the BBQ....

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Almost forgot a mod...

CB antenna flags-

Got these custom made by ThreadworkZ Embroidery

Well made but dont try to go over 50 mph!

I never knew the fiberglass antennas could flex that much:worried:

Jump to post #39

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hahaha... are you back home then, thought you were still in Indonesia !!!
I deal with o/s clients and agents all day and all night long.... so I am used to it....
We are slowly getting more FJ's..... and selling them faster than supply. Still up to 6 months lead if you are fussy about the colour..... I lucked in on a VB, someone cancelled their order..
But ... the big question ... what's next....
maybe just a beer ... and a few weekends hitting the trails...... before winter sets in....
will give you time to adjust and plan the next mod !!! haha
I'll have a coldie for you tonight, while I'm cooking the BBQ....
Beer sound great! Yup back home but heading back out soon. The birds are excited since they now have a clean truck to crap on. It was getting so bad, they had to aim to hit paint:lol::rofl:

Yea I know you guys have it rough over there with FJ's and back orders- we had the opposite effect. had tons on the market in the beginning and those who wanted one- got them cheap! 25-27 Large! Then in 2009 they made a third of the amount from the previous year and then they got popular... I waited 5 months for a white one.

I'd like to get a new 2011 TT in AG or the the new 2012 TT in RF but this has become my addiction.

Whats next- left a whole bread crumb list above-. Most likely get the Dually D2's, dual battery and exhaust installed. Get new tires for the BL's incoming from Delancy speedy delivery:lol:

Already got the approval for time off at Jambo 2012!! So Ill be there fo sho!


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great build, mod crazy!!!

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I think you should start planning for your second FJ, just to start again !!!!!
Yeah I know what you mean about scare ... I tried to haggle to dealer down.... he hardly budged, he didn't have to !!!! paid 49, for the VB.... and before you go ouch !!!! given the dollar parity .... thats a decent price ... here !!!!! but it sucks all the same.... any other car in Aust. and they are giving them away !!!! sales are slow..... but I am kinda glad supply is limited.... for now.... till the wife makes it impossible ... and I gotta get the RF for her....

See all part of the plan, to keep modding, thats why your beautiful lady needs one too....

Twin don't cost that much more than having one !!!!!!!


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great build, mod crazy!!!
Yes its been a crazy journey- even more nuts trying to find all the pictures and then get them in order.

Should have kept up with it when I was at each stage and wrote about it then. Seems nuts when I see it all.

Looking forward to seeing how it does at Jambo! Just got a call tonight from GCCS. The Toyeti is finished!

There is one dirt rode I promised myself I would "bomb" down (not sure if thats the right word). I wish I had one of those cameras that attach to the truck.


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I think you should start planning for your second FJ, just to start again !!!!!
Yeah I know what you mean about scare ... I tried to haggle to dealer down.... he hardly budged, he didn't have to !!!! paid 49, for the VB.... and before you go ouch !!!! given the dollar parity .... thats a decent price ... here !!!!! but it sucks all the same.... any other car in Aust. and they are giving them away !!!! sales are slow..... but I am kinda glad supply is limited.... for now.... till the wife makes it impossible ... and I gotta get the RF for her....

See all part of the plan, to keep modding, thats why your beautiful lady needs one too....

Twin don't cost that much more than having one !!!!!!!

Thats not going to happen- she likes fast sports cars. Besides I'm still pulling her fingernails out of the dashboard from WTF3:rofl:

She's not the wheeler type.:lol:

I thought with the way prices were down in AU, 49 wasnt bad at all. I thought it would hit 65 to be honest. You need the red one!!!

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