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My baby is hurt

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2008 FJ Cruiser 200K miles automatic transmission.

I have a shudder and it's drivetrain. All week I have started to notice a faint but growing growl. Then yesterday the shuttering started to become unmistakable shake when accelerating and decelerating. As I coast to a stop I can click my automatic transmission over to neutral and shuttering stops completely. Staying at a steady speed is just as smooth as can be.

I was hoping it was a differential issue so I changed the fluid tonight and it was old and stinky, but no metal flakes at all.

So here I am and I think I'm looking at a transmission or a transmission part. It almost acts like a clutch, but they don't have such a thing on an automatic transmission, do they? Torque converter?

What do you guys think?

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Sounds like the transmission shudder. Change the fluid.
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