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Good evening fellow owners of FJs.
Posting this review to warn potential fellow owners of FJ of a potential problem.
I am not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with Magnefine company or their competitors.
I am affiliated with Toyota FJ Cruiser because this is what I drive.
I do have reasonable shadetree mechanic experience (my cars only go to a pro shop for alignment, inspection and engine or trans replacement).

Summary: Filter may cause slower than normal gear response when shifting from P to R and from R to D (about 2 seconds in my case).

Purchased a newer version (all steel construction) genuine Magnefine 3/8 transmission filter on their website Magnefine Inline Transmission Power Steering Filters.
Up on arrival found the filter casing to be quality made and looked clean of burs. Filter is permanently sealed.
Tested the flow of air both ways to make sure it is working (flow was good, no resistance).

Car make and model: 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser (87k miles).
Performed a full trans fluid flush (oil pan removal, strainer replacement, strainer gasket and pan gasket replacement, all original Toyota parts).
Drained fluid appeared to be original and looked bad. Pan did contain normal amount of dirt on the pan and magnets.
Due to the amount of dirt in the existing fluid I think it is an excellent idea to install an external filter and change it on regular intervals, so installed the magnefine filter.
Put everything back together and checked fluid level by following a procedure outlined in another post of this forum (fluid temp at 115%).

Problem 1: Immediately noticed a delay from shifting the car from P to R and R to D, about 2-3 seconds. Delay did not existing before the fluid flush.
Problem 2: Also noticed if the car is standing on a hill (front pointing upwards), transmission is in D and brake pedal is released, the car will roll back. If the accelerator is pressed the transmission response is about 1 second delayed, and then a sudden kick is felt as transmission engages.

Checked to make sure that filter was installed in the right direction and it was.
Checked the flow of trans fluid buy starting the car and observing fluid flow from the filter (flow was good).
Rechecked the fluid level and added as needed by following the same procedure as before (Problem didn't go away).
Removed the filter completely and reinstalled original rubber tubing.

Problem went away.
Problem 1: No more delay when switching P to R and R to D.
Problem 2: During the same condition of the car standing on the hill, the car still rolls back but a lot less. There is no delay in transmission response, but a very faint kick is still felt (about 20% of the kick with the filter installed).

I have no explanation, i am only reporting by observations.

As a side note: I have previously purchased the same 3/8 WIX filter and found that the housing of the filter is made of cheap plastic; I returned the filter due to many complains of plastic housing leaking.

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Your transmission fluid pump might be weak. I use the magnefinr on all our vehicles and havent noticed a decraese in performace. However, on my lexus is300 did have shift lag when I installed a b&m cooler, so I had to remove it. If this magnefine filter puts that much strain on your tranny, you may be close to a failure.
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