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I had a simple goal, to turn off the flashing lights and beep that happen when locking or unlocking the car via the remote.

Called the Toyota dealership here in Reno. I asked the service rep what they would charge to program that feature off on my FJ, he quickly told me in a patronizing tone..."You can do that yourself, you need to read your manual." Well I had read the manual and researched it here in this forum. So I knew that I had to have it done for me at the dealership.

As I am trying to self improve and not let anger dictate my actions (new years resolution), I opted not to put him in his place as I wanted to but instead to just let it go and call the next closest dealer in Carson City.

I got a similar response. When I told them I knew that the dealership had to perform this service via their computer (very politely), they said it would be $60 to hook me up to the computer minimum fee.

Not confident in the professionalism of either dealership now, and in my research here I saw others paid much less to their local dealer for this service, I figured I would just live with the stupid beep and flashing lights. That lasted two weeks. It's been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome. Maybe I am a little insane in the membrane, I called the dealership in Reno again.

This time I spoke with Lucas in the service department. He knew exactly what I was asking about and told me he could get it done today. He said "I want you to be happy with your Toyota, and I want you to come back to us for service, so just give me $20 and it will be done." That was different.

If you live in N. Nevada and you need service, ask for Lucas at Reno Toyota. He is knowledgeable about the products they sell. He would rather build a relationship than maximize the fee on one small service.
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