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My First 1000 Miles

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Well first of all...I have a 2008 Titanium 4x4 auto with brushgaurd, roofrack, air dam with lights, aux lights, trailer hitch, all weather mats, Cat-Back TRD exhaust, All-Terrain Package. These are some things that stick out the most for me:

Wish I held out for the upgraded stereo, but now I won't feel guilty when getting a MUCH better one. :)

Difficult to not get on it at a light.

Love the growl it makes with the exhaust.

Great turning radius.

Horrible fuel tank size...guess I will be buying those cansI have been reading about on these forums.

Took me a while to figure out what is a good position for "Battle mode" and for everyday driving...a mix of the two I mean. Got it now and am very comfortable.

I have a turn on a road in my area that has large bump transition to the new road. My old AWD Safari mini van used to take very clumsily. The Bilstein FJ shocks make me increase my speed there now to test just how little I feel the bump and it amazes me every time I worm over it.

The visibility was never a problem for me because I am used to mirrors and when you have a car in the blind spot of the mirrors they are still visible in the small rear windows.

Great one handle open for the entire rear compartment. (I used to have to open the glass, then the right side, then the left side, on my van.)

large glove box is great and I really love the little storage bin above the steering wheel in the dash.

Found the perfect place for my Magellan Explorist XP just to the left of the wheel on the dash. Put a strip of Velcro there and it looks like it was meant to be.

Always a crowd eye tease.

I only take one point off for the gas tank so I give it a 9 out of 10.
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if youre not happy about the gas tank size there is an aftermarket tank out there. Its another 19 gallons. not sure on cost or installation. Uphill has it on the Scorpion (sick rig) and from what Ive read he seems to really like it. check out the thread.
well it sounds like you're n-joying it so far! Good to hear. Yeah pick yourself up some Spector fuel and water cans and you will be fine wherever you go. Make sure to get a pour spout when you order the fuel cans. From what I've read on forum Brigade Quartermasters is out of the cans so ya might want to check any, if you have em', local surplus stores.
Good luck amigo and have fun! :bandit:
These the right ones?

Brigade Quartermasters Ltd.
Scepter is not selling them to any civilian agencies anymore, they only sell to the military. The only place you can get them now are at either surplus stores or in BC online surplus stores.:bandit:
Thank you for the excellent report. Your attachment and admiration of your rig will grow with each click of the odometer as you master "FJ-Cruisen".
Mine is about to turn One and will hit 25,OOO before it does and my stoke keeps getting better and better.
Welcome to the forum.

To many miles of FJ smiles :cheers:
Welcome! You made an excellent color choice, and it sounds like your rig is pretty decked out as is. You will find so much great advice and a lot of very witty individuals here. It is wonderful to see someone so happy with the FJ, you will only love it more every time you get behind the wheel. And when you look back at it when you are walking away from it at the grocery store parking lot, Walmart, work, etc. :lol: Have lots of fun, and get off the pavement as much as possible!!!:)
Be happy you did not get the upgrade package with the stereo. I was gonna get a base model but changed my mind at the last minute. Now I pay about an extra $100/month for a bunch of stuff I am unhappy with and now plan to replace. Still happy with the FJ just wish I would have taken the near-base model for 24K vs the loaded for 28K.
Scepter is not selling them to any civilian agencies anymore, they only sell to the military. The only place you can get them now are at either surplus stores or in BC online surplus stores.:bandit:
The BQ link says they're not for use with unleaded gasoline, not to mention their the wrong color.

Never mind, that's the nozzle for these cans that are not suited for unleaded fuel. They must be the larger (diesel) size. I misread.

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