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Hello everyone,

This is my first blog post on the forum, and I wanted to start with the things that mostly caught my attention about this beautiful car.

This past holiday I have been to the west of Mexico and USA, traveling many miles in my car and there I discovered what makes the Toyota FJ Cruiser a truly special one, a car that I believe has not been marketed in Europe and looks spectacular.

See, traveling around the country is one of my many hobbies. Watching football games and following the lines are two other passions of mine. I am a guy that worked for a long time in Las Vegas world, and now I'm able to take it to the road and still being able to pay for my expenses. That's why this car fits me so well.

The car is a mix between a vintage Land cruiser and a Hummer, with the grace that they present it with a very successful combined colors, bodywork and roof of different colors, similar to what the Mini does. At first I saw a car on the road, but when I got to Los Angeles I found a multitude of these cars in all colors imaginable. The appearance is impressive but at the same time does not provoke the feeling of intimidation that gives the Hummer, my main surprise was to learn the price of the vehicle, which in USA round the $24,000 - $30K.

It is strange that a car so spectacular and successful in the American market has not been marketed in Europe, anyway in the magazine car and Driver this month appears on the cover, the same means that they will introduce shortly , if so, it will not go unnoticed.


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