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My LED dome light fix....

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Well Ladies and Gents,
I built an over head light solution which I think is pretty good. At least it is real bright at night and my 17 year old daughter was totally floored and thought it was awesome.....kudos for me....:0)

Anyway, I went to the hardware store bought some "U" shaped plastic trim that is used for the end of plywood etc...($1.70 for 6')...Then I bought some acrylic spray paint to match as close as I could to the interior ($3.79), went home.

Pic of LED strip and a couple small pieces of the U shaped trim I bought.

I bought a whole shwack of LED's from Oznium. 2 19" white strips, one I will mount in the hood with its own switch and the other for overhead lights. I also bought a bunch of single orange and white LED's and a few 4.7" orage and blue strips.....still thinking about the use for these... ;) Foot wells, cup holders etc....

So I cut a piece of this plastic about 20", marked a spot every 1 cm and drilled out the holes all along to fit the LED's through. Test fit the LED strip, not bad if I say so myself.... Cut another piece to match the first....

Sanded both pieces with some fine sandpaper and then painted them...

Ran the wire to the overhead dome light. Wired it to the switch... Mounted the piece of plastic without the holes to the header with 3 very small screws with flat heads (¼ inch).

Placed the LED in the piece with the holes in it and then pushed the 2 plastic pieces together so that the piece with the holes in it was outside of the other. Nice tight fit and pushed the LED's down into the holes real nice. I can post more pic's if anyone asks...

Anyway here is the result.

First a picture of the LED strip in the plastic case!

Next a picture of the light on (sorry it is blurry I will try for another her shortly and change it....March 20, tried for a couple better pic's with the flash off I cannot make it any better.)

Third, a picture of the amount of light this puppy gives out....
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Now that's what I'm talking about....very nice.

Clean Install......
Yeah, I really like it....just like some threads by Noisycow about LED's I love them....real easy to use and tie into exisiting wiring....

Decided to take it easy this afternoon, have a freaking migraine that came on strong an hour ago need to get in the basement turn out the lights and take some quiet time.....

Thanks again, have a good one!
nice work!

btw... do you know there's a little dude trying to climb up to your dash? :D
Yeah, that is my daughters TY Beanie Baby called Mooch....she gave him to me to put in there...couldn't say no... ;) matches the truck....
WOW! that really helps a lot. now i gotta do that to my truck. yet another forum member helping out the community, thanks very much. :)
Has anyone istalled LED's in the foot wells yet. I am struggling with maybe putting a couple orange LED's to run when lights are on and a couple white LED's for when the doors are opened and where to place them....any input would be appreciated.
this just completed my idea about my own personal mod! thanks!

i'm intending to take an LED strip and wire it right below the color matched dash bezel (right above the switch panel) to provide some simple lighting, attach it to a switch preferably on one of the open slots left of the steering column.

then i was intending on placing some in the glove box. we all know how dark that is. does anyone know how i'd be able to attach it to a switch that opens only when opened? SPDT? i don't know much, just like to experiment.

if anyone is willing to proceed with these mods before i get to them, please be my guest and post pics (just as long as i get idea credit!)

thanks for your ideas!!
These LED strips are really cool. I've seen people using them for under truck lighting to. Great job on the install. I'm going to have to order up some LEDs and some switches and start having some LED fun to.
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