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I hate to be out of the office w/o letting people know... it ends up being a "I was never responded to" type of situation, which is bad for any parties involved. Here is my general work schedule, including known "Out of Office" dates for the rest of the year. Hopefully my schedule stays like this because it works perfectly for me :roller:

Normal Weekly Schedule:

7:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST
Tuesday through Saturday (off Sunday and Monday)

Known out of office dates for the remainder of 2006:

Saturday, Oct 7 -- Offroad Expo

Tuesday, Oct 31 through Monday, Nov 6 -- SEMA and my weekend off

Sunday, Nov 12 through Monday, Nov 20 -- Vacation

and the Holidays (have to double check which ones we'll be closed)

I'll always have a portfolio full of order info handed off to an associate, so his name will be posted, along with contact information when I am out of the office.

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