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Need factory rack to fit Yakima 'loadwarrior'?

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Hey guys back fishing for info:wave:
Iwas thinking a Loadwarrior for camping gear, but the Yakima site says i need a factory roof rack to install one... i just dont get this, are they right? or am i really dumb? both maybe...
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Yes and No (don't you love when people answer that) the factory rack has available yakima brackets which don't require the typical yakima crossbars (I think) If you want the yakima crossbars then you have to have an adaptor for landing pads #1. Look at stornco in the vendor section for what I am talking about. The member sanfrantastico has a lot of info on this. I built a yakima crossbar set-up for mine. The other option I have seen is using the yakima tracks but these require either cutting the track and building an adaptor or drilling into the roof.
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