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Here the equipment I have.
Infinty Kappa 255a amp (5ch).
Looking to get 50x4 and 300x1 (will be getting Infinity Kappa 6.5 componets for the front and unsure for the rear right now. Any sugestions?)
Spec sheet's%20Manual/KAPPA%20255A%20om.pdf

And an old school (I have TWO but looking to use only ONE-Brand New Old Stock) Alpine ZR10 (Dual Voice coil) Sub woofer.
It's the SWR 254d
I really would like to run this sub because it is one of the smallest box requirment sub. I want the sub box to hug as close as possible to the rear Fj panels.

Spec sheet (the top is for 12" the bottom is the 10" version) -%...b_SWR-304D.pdf

Now here is my questions.
Q#1 What size box would be best for this sub?
Is it still .46ft3 size box?
(I had this sub in my last last(two cars ago) car. One SINGLE voice coil SWR-254E 10" sub in a .46ft3 MDF box with an Infinty amp pusing 300RMS and maxes out at 1000w in a Hatchback. I loved the way it hit (nice and sharp.)

Q#2 Can I run the sub at 4ohms to power the speakers and 2ohms for the sub? To get 50x4(at 4ohms) and the sub at 300x1(2ohms)

Q#3 According to the amp manual. How would I hook up the DUAL VOICE Coil sub to get the 300x1.
The Amp + to Sub +&+ (the two sub terminals)
And AMP - to Sub -&- (the two sub termnals)

Q#3 Who has/can make a custom box to my spec?
I know WICK CAS boxes are designed for JL, what what's this the spec for those boxes? Again I am only looking to run ONE 10" sub.

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WickedCAS can custom build you a single 10" box to the specs of your sub. Also, as far as amps go, Eclipse makes the XA5000 that is 50x4 and 300x1 all at 4 ohms. Seen that one for about $300. Pretty much all I see doing a search for those specs if you just want to run one amplifier. You open yourself up to many more choices if you're willing to run two amps. As far as wiring up the sub, it depends on how many ohms the voice coils are to get what ohm load you're looking for. Also, depends on the amp if you're going 2 ohms or 4 ohms to get that 300 watts. Crutchfield has some pretty nice subwoofer wiring diagrams if you'd like to check them out.

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I went with Infinity all around the vehicle for speakers, they are fantastic. Here is how I did MY infinity setup.

For the door I put Infinity Kappas 693.7i 3-Way 6x9s (100 watts rms)
For the rear passenger area I bought Nazars speaker pods and went with Infinity Kappa 63.7i 6.5" Coaxial speakers (75 watts rms)
For the dash I went with Infinity Kappa 32.7cf 3.5" speakers (35 watts rms)

I did not amp the dash speakers as the D3 is only powering them, they get plenty of watts from it.

The door and rear speakers are powered by a Alpine PDX 4-Channel 400 watt amplifier.

Here are links to the speakers I used.
Infinity Kappa 693.7i 6"x9" 3-way car speakers at
Infinity Kappa 63.7i 6-1/2" 3-way car speakers For 6-1/2" and 6-3/4" openings at
Infinity Kappa 32.7cf 3-1/2" 2-way car speakers at
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