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So I have been trying to find some parts that were stock on the "C" Package here in Canada.

My FJ is a 07 Black Cherry "B" package. What I am trying to get my hands on are the door trim body color inserts (I haven't seen them up close do the rear doors have the same body color panel that matches?) as well as the ball float gauges and gauge pod that come stock on the FJs.

I have found a site that is selling wrecked / repairable FJs Salvage TOYOTA FJ CRUISER for sale - Repairable and damaged cars | wrecked, totaled, crashed autos, RVs, motorcycles, other vehicles from USA junk yards

But I have no idea where they end up and haven't had any luck locating a wrecked 07 Black Cherry with the "C" package.

I am more than willing to pay someone to get them and cover cost of shipping and the parts obviously if there is one in their area.

Any help would be greatly apreciated. I was really hoping that there would have been a site similar to, Original Equipment I ordered some stuff off there for my GTI and they essentially have everything that can come OEM available for aftermarket purchase.
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