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"New" 2007 MT6 FJ for the wife

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Hi All - I just got my wife a 2007 FJ. She refuses to buy new and will ONLY drive manuals. She was in an Audi A4 Quattro (with 5 speed) so the thought of getting another AWD was reassuring. My question is about the transfer case. H, HL, and LL???? I read the manual and understand when Toyota wants one to use a particular 4 wheel drive mode, but as a long time 4 wheeler (owned several IH Scouts and Jeep CJ5s) and engineer, I would like a better definition of these modes. (i.e. what is the point of the “L”- does that mean LOCKED-IN?) I assume H is AWD with a center diff transferring power front/rear as necessary (like the Audi Q) and the others are with the center diff locked either with the transfer case in High or Low. Is that it in a nutshell? Also, are the front and rear diffs open, or are they limited slips? The wife’s does have the rear locker as well, but I don’t see her rock crawling any time soon in it.

BTW, my wife’s has TRD exaust, wheels nurf bars and skid plate – and she loves it more every day. We have not yet taken it off-road, but it seems to beg for the dirt as much as my old '94 4-Runner did.

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I was always a standard 4x4 person, but since
me and wife both have the MT6 Fj's, I would find
it hard to go back... The on-road driving in the
weather is just awesome, we have never slide
or spun tires at all really, and the 4x systems
works just like the old time systems as soon as
you slide it into 4H/4L...

Welcome, and a Welcoem to you Wifey' too !... :bigthumb:
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