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Hi all,

Yes, I know, there are many members who disbelieve in a bulb only in reflector housing, but this is what I did and personally love it.

I just installed a new "LED Headlight Conversion Kit I got off ebay. They do not have a fan or any kind of ballast/voltage modulator/whatever. They use an ETI 'flip chip'? This is my second set and only replaced because I hated the light pattern thrown by my previous kit. I originally ran HID bit got tired of having to replace the bulbs so often.

These are very different from my prior LED kit as there are 2 diodes on the top of the bulb and 1 diode on the bottom. Nice thing with these! No unreliable solenoid to change diode position. On low beam, you fire the single top diode in the same location as the OEM shielded filament. On high beams, you fire the second top diode and matching (position wise) diode on the bottom. I'm not sure of the low beam diode fires as well but wouldn't think so to keep neat down, and trust me, you wouldn't need it of it doesn't.

These bulbs came with the H4 plug adapter and a very nice set of dust covers. Install was a snap, remove old dust cover and bulb. You start with installing just the bulb without the large, removable heat sink. After that, install the dust cover, making sure to set it into the housing completely. Make sure the rubber, around the end of the bulb where the heat sink attaches, gets pushed in enough to ease the attachment of the heat sink. Attach heat sink, making sure it is rotated completely. (test this prior to installation so you get the feeling for it). There is a 3 pin plug to bulb and nothing indicated which way it plugs in. I have tried both and honestly couldn't see a difference. I do get occasional flickering with the drl system activated, so I would highly recommend disabling them.
Sorry, I have no photos, will try to get some tonight. My personal observations:
1. Actually had to raise the bulb adjustment, surely attributed to the poor light throw from prior kit.
2. Low beams have a very sharp upper beam cut-off, with a slight rising on the w side.
3. Ambient light (light not necessarily included in actual beam) is plenty enough to light signs, reflectors, etc, without getting any oncoming flashes from other motorists.
4. High beams. All I Can say is wow! These throw some very serious light!

Overall, I am very impressed and, so far, the best 80 bucks spent. Today/tonight I will get photos and use my lumen meter to get my own readings. They are 30 watts per bulb and ratings have been listed from 3600 to 4000 lumen. Of course, lumen and wattage ratings are useless if the bulbs are now designed well, as many have fond out, including me, with the untrained beam patters experienced. I will try to get pics with my HID bumper lights as well. And I'm sorry, I have seen some led conversion kits say that the light compares to, if not brighter than HID, well, I really don't think so. Plus, there are already a ton of knock offs popping up already.

And btw, I bought two sets. (for another vehicle). Have them hooked up in the garage, turned on full time, one on high, one on low. The have been running now for 3 weeks sold and no diode or heat issues yet.

Pics tonight.
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