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Hello everyone,

My name is Sam, and I am the proud owner of a 2021 FJ Cruiser grey cement that I recently bought brand new (sorry for my American fellows - stuck with the used (to very used) market of FJ's...)...

I previously owned a Y62 Patrol (known as Armada in the US) - loved this car, but realized it was not adapted to the usage I have ; work commute and...desert driving! Hesitated between a FJ and a Rubicon for a while - then I remembered the Rubicon is a Jeep so... Went for the Toyota badge ; reliability, dependability, good after-sale service, spare parts availability (can be an issue here in the Gulf), and an overall good resale value if I ever want to get rid of it...

Since I picked it up from Toyota dealer about a month ago, I have not done much to it ;
  • BajaDesign XL80 mounted on the grill,
  • SwitchPro9100 - which currently only has the 2 XL80 plugged onto it,
  • 2" spacers (not installed when the below pictures were taken),
  • Headlights upgrade - LED bulbs in the factory housing,
  • Hitch receiver + shackle thingy (recovery point),
  • Replacement of all the "small" light bulbs by whiter LED bulbs (interior, plate, mirror lights,....),
  • 3M full tint (a must here...),
  • Jeep style seat organizer mounted on the back of the passenger seat,
  • ARB track system mounted in the cargo area to organize my stuff, FrontRunner wolf pack and flat pack boxes,
  • Pure FJ bundle for the storage ; both the "box" in the dashboard and the spot between the gear selectors and the console,
  • Fuel cap with key (still cannot realize how come a car can come without lockable fuel cap nowadays...),
  • "backpack" on the spare tire to put my trash, wood, and whatever I do not want to carry in the cabin when going in and out of the desert.

Right now, I am thinking of ;
  • Method wheels ; 314, 703, 305 ?
  • APEX precision valves - for easy deflation before desert adventures,
.... And when finances will allow, a 3 inch lift kit for which I will very likely require the inputs of the members here...

Happy to be part of the biggest FJ community!

Few pictures of my ride
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Welcome from Vancouver, BC! Great looking FJ (but then, aren't they all great looking?); you've already done a lot to it. And yes, if and when you decide to lift it you'll get a pile of different opinions on how (and how much) to spend your money! ;)

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Welcome from the UK. Great pictures of your FJ in it’s natural habitat.

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Welcome aboard!

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Hi Sam687, welcome from Ohio!
Great photos!!
Congrats on the '21 FJ, somebody has to keep buying the FJs since we can't here. Glad it's you 👍
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