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Over the last few years URD has been offering clutches for Toyota trucks. Every time we heard of a clutch failing out in the field no matter if we sold it or not, no matter what brand it was we tried to get our hands on it so we could do a failure analysis to determine the cause of the failure.

This lead to different heat treating of hub springs, different rivets for the facings, modified broaching technique of the splines hub, and different offerings of friction materials. Even with all this effort it remained evident that the hub assemblies where just not substantial enough as we continued to increase the power levels of these trucks.

Every aftermarket clutch company as far as we can tell uses a very similar hub design and many of the companies acquire their hub components from the very same supplier. These hub designs are pretty much borrowed from the sport compact market segment and URD wanted to do something better.

It has been a process that has lasted a couple of years and the only way we could get a better hub assembly to the market was to step up and fund the R&D to develop and have these new parts made. This endeavor has resulted in URD launching our own line of clutches starting with the Toyota 1GR-FE 4.0L V6 with the 6 speed transmission.

Where is the beef???

Massive increase in dual spring components

Better broaching of the hub spline with a taper to guide the input shaft into the clutch

Massive rivets to support the hub and take the beating when the spring travel is exceeded

Massive reinforcement plate on the reverse side

Sometimes bigger is better

Our new hub takes up the entire center area

This shows the massive reinforcement plate on the reverse side

Underdog Racing Development

URD has also released our top of the line TwinDisc clutch. It took a long time to get this perfected, but it was worth it. What we have is a clutch that will hold 800 Ft-lb of torque and has better drivability than a stock Toyota clutch. The smoothness of this clutch is just amazing.

Want more, no problem we can up the friction material to give you a 1000 Ft-lb clutch or even more if you want!!

This is the ultimate clutch for your 4.0L truck with the 6 speed manual transmission.

We also have the latest version of the Map-ECU3 which has the WiFi capability built in. This allows you to to download the iPhone app from the App store and connect to your Map-ECU3 wirelessly.

We also have WiFi upgrade modules you can use to upgrade your existing Map-ECU3 to WiFi

We also have the new headers for the 2010-2012 FJ from JBA in stock at URD ready to ship!! We have our URD Rear O2 Sensor Simulator bundled together with the Long Tube headers at a significant savings for you!!

Please check out the new products section on the URD site:

Our clutches page:

Clutches by URD - Underdog Racing Development

Our Headers page:

Headers - Underdog Racing Development

The support of our customers has allowed URD make a new and better product available for YOUR TRUCK!!

Keep supporting URD and we will keep working hard on new and better go fast stuff for you!!


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When I need a new clutch for my 6MT, I'm in! Looks awesome!

I'm really digging my URD short throw shifter too :rocker:

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Also the only company to solve the chirping throwout bearing issue. Good stuff for the 6 speed owners!

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please have you address @ for URD other [email protected] ?
Because I am sending mails for a while, I never have an answer
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