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Hi all

I recently bought a 14 FJ TTUE that the original owner removed the original suspension and replaced it with a lower end 3 inch lift, shocks, springs etc I would consider it the #2 option on the following link.

I would like to upgrade the suspension to option #3 as option #4 is overkill for my experience and usage.

I like the 3 inch lift for clearance and am planning to keep the FJ long term and add bumpers, winch, skid plates etc down the road so I need some adjustability down the road once weight is added

I’m curious what people here on the forums are using as far as option #3 goes.
Quality, reliability?

I have been researching on the forums and online but I’d like to get some real life usage opinions etc.

Another question I have is can I switch out just the front (or rear) set now and change the other set 6 months from now or should I wait and change it all at once?

Let me know.


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When I was putting together a suspension setup for my 2013 FJ, I found that the Fox 2.0 coilovers and SPC upper arms for the front, any decent 2-3" spring and fox shocks in the rear is a very cost effective and high quality way to get the FJ up a little higher.


Part numbers and prices:
Front Fox Coilovers: 983-02-051 ~$800
Rear Springs: ICON 52800 $285
Rear Fox Shocks: 980-24-679 $260
SPC Upper Control Arms: 25480 $600-650
Total: $1,945

To lower costs, buy on sale, substitute the rear springs for less expensive ones, same with the rear shocks. You can add small things like a front diff drop and rear bump stop extensions, but this doesn't increase the total price by more than $100 or so.
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