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New from AZ

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Just traded My MB CLK 55 AMG for a used FJ Cruiser WOW
I am learning to love my little voodoo blue FJ , we went to the dedication of the new ohv recreation site "The Boulders" we had fun nothing too difficult for the FJ and my son came home with clean underwear so idident scare him to much.
April 29, 2008 - BLM Arizona Dedicates Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Site
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Congrats and welcome
Congrats on the new FJ and welcome to the forum!
Welcome and enjoy! Tim
Welcome...Arizona rocks....come check out the other 100 or so of us at's were we plan all the local just missed one Sunday....

I'm stealing your link to the ohv and posting it there...ok????
Yea, what homedad said!

Check out and join us for a trail run!! :cheers:
Welcome to the forums!
Quite a step up - in quality if nothing else! Welcome
Welcome to the FJ world! Taking the son along on the first ride, priceless!!!

Congrats and welcome aboard!
Congrats and Welcome!:bigthumb::wave:
Congrats on the FJ and welcome to the Forum. :wave:
Welcome to the Forum

Enjoy the madness ... :)
Good luck and best wishes. The FJ air works great for hot Arid-zona.:lol:
Welcome aboard!
Welcome, good luck, and enjoy the new ride.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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