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New member but not a new owner...yet

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Hey folks,

A new member but not an owner yet. I am looking at replacing my '02 Chev Avalanche with the FJ and thought I'd poke round her a bit to see what was being said about the vehicle. I'd be 99% of the time a road queen with occasional trips to the bush for hunting. While the advertised mileage isn't something that I'd thought from a 'yoda' I understand it because of the vehicle weight.

Any negatives things that you've had with the truck please let me know so I can make an informed decision.

I'm looking at the TT Special Edition.


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Welcome! My FJ gets comparable mileage with a friend of mine's Taco. It's performance that counts!


welcome to the forum!!!!:wave:
Welcome and this is the place to ask questions, someones got an answer for you. Good way to research before you buy. Good luck and hopefully we can convince you to get that FJ!
Welcome to the FJCF. You should go for it!!!
Welcome! Thirteen months and nothing to complain about yet. Love it!
Welcome to a great Forum! Almost 10k miles and trouble free. :bigthumb::wave:
The TT Edition is a good choice in my opinion.

I have enjoyed my FJ from the moment I took delivery 18 months ago until this moment. So you get nothing but high marks and consumer satisfaction from me. Welcome to the forum and to potential ownership.

The brain trust that is this forum is a great place to get suggestions and to find answers to questions.
Welcome to FJ Nation. Using the search function, you can find out anything you want to know. :wave:
I have to agree.....I wish I hadn't waited so long to get mine.....But I have it now and no complaints so far....just love. I fought the urge to get a taco again....But I am glad now that i don't drive down the road and meet myself at every turn....The Taco is a way to get around.....The FJ is a way of life!!!!

Learn to use the search function here because it is nearly impossible to come up with a question around here that has not got pages and pages of resourceful info from people that know....

What are you waiting for??????? You can't mod it til ya own it!!!!!
The FJ is an absolutely amazing vehicle! The only 'learning' curve for some is the rear visibility, but nothing that 2 blind spot mirrors won't fix. Good luck!
Howdy! :bigthumb:
Hi Bo, Welcome to the Forum :wave:
welcome there is lots of info here for ya
Welcome :wave:
Welcome to the forum Bo, the TT Special Edition is a very good choice. :bigthumb:
Get one, you'll love it
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