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New package from Toyota, "Ironman"

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Lame.. I thought it was going to be a tribute to Robert Downey Jr. :crbaby:

:rofl: :lol:
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I can't wait to see it. Thanks for the info.

FJ Cruiser beachcomber

Anyway, does this mean the new color for the fj will be a combined RED and YELLOW??

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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ But the horsepower would be nice.. Ron
304 HP and 334 lbs torque? NICE!
but how????
My first thought was " I want the Hulk package". I like most of the options other then the 20in wheels. I can't see spending the extra cash on those accessories though. However, im sure there will be plenty of people snatching them up.
304 HP and 334 lbs torque? NICE!
Yes, I predict they will sell more replacement axle shafts with the boosted torque.:cowfrown:
So I can add the supercharger to my Sequoia and get 504 HP?!?!

Holy Crap! ....and 9 MPG?
DiCostanzo hopes to sell 500 Ironman packages in 2008 and ramp up to between 5,000 and 10,000 units in 2009. The first dealership to sign up with Halo was Toyota of Escondido, near San Diego.

Good thing Im still waiting to jump on mine... and Im near the escondido dealer!
nice fine Mikesfj..thanks for the link..Red with white top, white bezel
I'll stick with my TICK! Edition, thx...
All of the horespower goodies are off-the-shelf-items you can buy right now? I assume the Ironman tribute would be the graphics? How about a Hemi sticker?
8 Grand... pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff...

Where can I buy that badge...
A red FJ would look sweet!!!:rocker: Add the TRD supercharger, would be even better!:bigthumb::cheers:
Yeah I agree red would be cool. But I doubt it for the FJ because Halo is just an aftermarket supplier. It's not a Toyota factory package. And, sorry - the tundra already comes in red. :(
As long as they upgrade the gearing and cv's I'd love it. too bad I already took the plunge a year ago. If they start with warrantied hardcore parts I'm so in for upgradin.
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