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Finally got my aluminum ARB rack installed after it got lost along its journey to my house....
Finished up my first version of a solar shower solution and got it installed.
Almost 7’, 3” diameter ABS. I tapped in a spigot in the back end and added a ‘quick release’ mechanism.
In the front I put a 90 bend for filling. A pressure blow-off cap fills the end (still need to figure out a chain attachment of some sort case it does go).
I also installed a heavy duty shrader valve so it can be pressurized with a small bike tire pump.
3 band clamps and she feels pretty secure - faired well on the test drive filled with water today.

I tried an ‘expanding hose’, not sure that is the correct option for a good flow yet, need some more testing. Gets a good stream though for cleaning dogs, fishing gear, me...

Also installed a 5# propane tank in the rear corner of the rack. My interior platform has a slide out on that side where I’m gonna put my stove, so the propane will be right above it and hose up out of the way... was my thought. After it’s up there, I’m not so sure I’m sold on, but it’s been a long day so I’ll assess in the a.m.


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