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Understood. But, more often than not, those particular custom modifications will frequently pop up throughout the forum within the specific topical area (i.e., 4x4 Off-Road, Interior/Exterior Visual Tech, etc.). Matter of fact, that's primarily why those particular forums exist . . . . to be a showcase for creative ideas and ingenuity in a given area of fabrication and custom design.
I too enjoy seeing the homebuilt innovations and previously thought that a separate section or forum might be a good thing. However, I have to agree with Steve here. I think that folks, myself included would still want to post in the existing section categories.

I rallied, championed, and pestered/badgered for another forum member's call for a new section awhile ago - a sub-forum - for Tools. There are a few posts now and agian in the Tools sub-forum, but people still post threads about tools in other sections. For example if someone were replacing their rear coil springs, most folks naturally would post about spring compressors in the Suspension Tech forum.

:thinkerg: Besides, if you become clinically addicted to the forum (like I appear to be...) you'll catch the custom mod threads the instant they appear in Active Topics! :D
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