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Hey guys! I've been busy with life and work so I haven't been updating the forums very well, but I have tried to answer all the PMs I get in a timely fashion! Fortunately (or unfortunately :mecry: ), my normal business is slow right now thanks to the economy so I have more time to put effort into IMP which has been doing pretty well thanks to you guys!

Just wanted to update everyone on what's new at IMP!

1) Shift Knob orders: This is something I'm going to be working on in the next few months (see item 2!) to make it easier on everyone to order shift knobs. One big thing we are doing is for custom orders we are now aggregating all orders until a production minimum can be reached. Minimum production is 10 sets. Usually I'm producing for stock so this isn't an issue, but there's a few times I've had custom orders that went through on "off times" and it just is much more expensive for me that way. What I will be doing is when I get some custom orders or are planning on starting a for-stock production, I will post on the forums and give everyone a chance to get going on some custom knobs so that way we can get it all organized. I guess I just never expected such a demand for custom knobs!

2) Website: If anyone's visited our website ( you'll notice it hasn't been updated in FOREVER (2003 I think?). In the next coming months I plan on getting it updated and we're also going to introduce a online storefront so that in-stock (and even custom) knobs can be ordered quickly and easily! It'll also be easier to keep track of sales and other things this way!

3) New Products: After SEMA and last year's Summit in Colorado, we have some nice new product opportunities we are talking with manufacturers about distributing. Keep your eyes open!

4) Summit 2009: Look for us there! We didn't have much of a presence last year because we were late getting everything together, but we did have some nice giveaways for the raffle that I hope everyone enjoyed. This year we plan to have a MUCH bigger presence so keep an eye out for us there!!

5) Skid Plates: Ugh, don't even go there :lol: We're talking to a few companies about skid plates, we might be ditching the ancient designs and going with something new, but hopefully we're going to do SOMETHING. I'm starting to get embarrassed about these :lol:

Stay tuned!

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