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About a year ago I bought a 2013 TT with approx. 160k miles on it, it came with a pretty well loved set of BFG tires on it. I got 10,000 miles out of them but it was time for new shoes. I decided to go with the Toyo Open Country AT III‘s and am very happy that I did.

Right after I picked it up we drove it from southern Indiana to Denver and back - almost 2500 miles round trip; I cannot believe how quiet these tires are, the road noise is very low. I know the BFG’s were old and loud, and these Toyo’s may change over time, but for now they have improved the ride dramatically and the cabin has quieted down a lot.

They weren’t inexpensive (I needed 5 so that the spare matched) but so far I think the value is there. I did go with the E rated tires since the data plate on the TT indicates that they are required.

I know a lot of people ask for recommendations on what tire to buy here, I can say that I’d do this again.

I have the same ones in 285. They are quiet compared to my Nitto Trail Grapplers. Enjoy!
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