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Newbie Amp Question for Sub

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The title was your warning. :bigthumb:

Went looking around, not interested in buying from the particular shop I was in but I thought I'd let them fend my questions to see what I could learn. Maybe I will go back to pick up my amp.

I replaced my stock driver with this: JL Audio Products: Subwoofers / 8W1v2

Wanting a new amp to power it as the stock amp won't push it. So I set my sights on this: JL Audio: Products

This amp has two positive and two negative sub outs. But it says Mono output only.

1. Is this for a dual voice coil sub then?
2. Can I use this for a single voice coil sub like the one I have?
3. Sales guy says you can't bridge this amp. True?
4. Links to buy something to convert FJ wiring to something this amp will accept? FJCruiserAudio? Wicked CAS?

I think that is it, unless you can suggest a small amp that would suit me better. Definitely liking the class D...

Sincere thanks from a guy who likes a good system but really doesn't know how to build his. :cheers:
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Straight from the manual that is located as a download from the link you provided.
Sometimes a little reading will answer all your questions

Speaker connections to the 250/1v2 are
straightforward and take place at the far right of
the front panel. You will notice that there are two
“+” positive connections and two “–” negative
connections. This is to facilitate multiple speaker
wiring. The two positive and two negative
connections are connected in parallel inside
the amplifier.
Connecting two speakers, each to
one set of positive and negative terminals, will
result in a parallel speaker connection. If only
connecting one pair of speaker wires, it is not
necessary to use both sets of connections
first off, can we please ditch the stock enclosure? that would help a ton.

secondly, you wont want to reuse any of the stock wiring for an aftermarket amplifier. it wont have the size to support the current draw of the amplifier. i would go with a wiring kit from any decent manufacturer. stinger is what i prefer.

then you will need a line out converter (high-low converter). some will actually come with a volume control which i recommend. this can be found from manufacturers like peripheral, scosche, metra, and soundgate.
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