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The title was your warning. :bigthumb:

Went looking around, not interested in buying from the particular shop I was in but I thought I'd let them fend my questions to see what I could learn. Maybe I will go back to pick up my amp.

I replaced my stock driver with this: JL Audio Products: Subwoofers / 8W1v2

Wanting a new amp to power it as the stock amp won't push it. So I set my sights on this: JL Audio: Products

This amp has two positive and two negative sub outs. But it says Mono output only.

1. Is this for a dual voice coil sub then?
2. Can I use this for a single voice coil sub like the one I have?
3. Sales guy says you can't bridge this amp. True?
4. Links to buy something to convert FJ wiring to something this amp will accept? FJCruiserAudio? Wicked CAS?

I think that is it, unless you can suggest a small amp that would suit me better. Definitely liking the class D...

Sincere thanks from a guy who likes a good system but really doesn't know how to build his. :cheers:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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