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I don't think we should even bother trying to associate something as badass as the FJ with a Hummer of any variety. To be quite honest, there was only one real hummer and it wasn't a civilian model. Of the civilian versions only the H1 has any real ability offroad as the H2 is a boxier version of a Tahoe and the H3 is just a giant piece of plastic crap.

This new Toy is going to rock! I still envision a "Remove to tow hummer" receiver hitch plate coming soon. It is absolutely awesome that Toyota is letting aftermarket companies size up the FJ Cruiser for aftermarket parts and accessories prior to the SEMA show. Guaranteed, this thing is going to be a hit. I will definitely be getting one as soon as possible and hopefully lifted, racked out, lot's of lights and at least 33's. I cannot wait.

I am a little weary already of the comparison to the Hummers. Screw hummers. No one I know has a spare $150K lying around dying to be spent on an H1 and the other two offerings were merely an attempt at giving gangsters and rappers something to drop with 24" rims. The FJ is going to appeal to people who want to leave the freeway for some real adventure that doesn't involve drive-by's and slappin' hoes. I simply cannot wait.
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