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Can't find it on the net, but 4 Wheel Drive and Sport Utility Magazine May 2011 showcases Nitro HD Toyota IFS Axles in their 4xProducts section:

"Toyota's latest IFS axle assemblies are pretty strong, but it's still possible to grenade them with the right combination of tire, terrain and throttle. Nitro Axle & Gear now has the complete replacement IFS axles that go well beyond the strength of the stock Toyota parts. Made in the USA.
*Inner CV's are completely redesigned to eliminate this known weak spot. The axle shafts are heat-treated billet aerospace alloy, providing extreme strength and fatigue resistance.
*Outer CV's feature chromoly internals and are sealed using patented Spherical Sealing Technology"

The article goes on to state " for more information, contact JT's Parts & Accessories,
(877) 788-7904, JTs Parts & Accessories,
I couldn't find anything on their site, but will call tommorow.

Aloha, Bill
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