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Being on the most "geographically" isolated island chain in the world has its benefits and we try to enjoy all of them. Another thing is that there are not to many FJs out here. In our town we were the only FJ you ever saw but that has changed. There is a Black Cherry that hangs out at a mexican bar/restaurant we frequent. It is cool to see the other FJ and we are hoping to actually catch up with the other owner and say Hi one day. We will probably have to walk in and yell "who has BC the FJ" to find the owner, but we shall see.
Next we started to see FJs for rent, amazing. Now all the tourists can get an awesome driving experience while on vacation. Interesting idea and definitely a smart move by the rental company.
But yesterday we lost our last bit of uniqueness. We saw a black FJ turn onto the street in front of us and what was on his roof? It didn't look stock, so we raced to catch up. He had a gobi ranger rack and ladder, just like ours. We are no longer the only FJ on the island with a gobi. We are no longer special. BTW this guy takes great care of his FJ, that thing is always sparkling clean and the addition of his Gobi makes his ride look that much nicer.
Glad to see a sponsor getting more exposure. We love our Gobi rack and load it up for our trips. Cooler, Kayak, Tent, Surfboards, Bikes, Groceries, and Family have all been on the rack and it handles it perfectly. Now on to being unique again, maybe we should paint the rack a strong color...
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