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i have a few mild mods already, nothing tooo crazy.
  • 3'' ToyTec spacer lift
  • Cobra 75 WX hard wired CB radio
  • Boztec rear diff skid plate
  • 285/75/16 General Grabber AT2's
  • 10lb. Co2 Air tank
  • painted black rear bumper
  • front bumper wing delete
  • Man-A-Fre front skid/ RCI Metal Works transfer & transmission skid plates
  • Bushwacker fenders

For the FJ Cruiser:
- Winch bumper: US.Offroad, Demello Prerunner, or other
- Lights for winch bumper: LightForce 170 Striker Lights - 12-Volt: Automotive
- Winch w/ synthetic line: Warn VR1000-s
- recovery winch gear: Rugged Ridge 15104.25 Winch Recovery Gear Kit: Automotive

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Thats one loooooooooooooonnnggg christmas list! And can I say EXPENSIVE!!!
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Wow! That's a great Christmas list.
One mod at a time... Credit card paid off, bushwackers on! next, body chop, spacers brake rotors and pads..

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One mod at a time... Credit card paid off, bushwackers on! next, body chop, spacers brake rotors and pads..
The bushwacker flares look nice! :bigthumb:
That list is about as long as mine is....except mine keeps growing. :lol:
I think you need to add some more to that list. Tell Santa you deserve it for being a good boy all year!
Skid plates 75% done with the skid plates! 80% complete on swimming capability. rear diff and locker breathers are on & Snorkel was installed late last night. Still need to do the transmission and front diff breathers.. is there one for the transfer case? One modification at a time!

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^Automatic Transmission has one that can be raised. Manual transmission has one, but it is press fit into the housing and can't be raised.

Skids look good
is that in reference to the transfer case? I"m auto.. you should come out to my pre- Thanksgiving Hooters dinner night in Houston!
debated for a long time as to what winch bumper to go with... happily and luckily i was able to get a TrailWorx and a Gen2 Smitty XRC 9.5comp! Fog, driving and other lights are next on the list...


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Lights mounted! Just need adjusting now


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Installed my 22" curved Chinese light bar off amazon today...

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Really wish I could change the "cookies toy" title.. figured it was a good time for an update...

So this is the current set up:

2008 Sandstorm with about 200k
Front Suspension:
  • Kings with toytec/Elbach 3"lift lift springs
  • No sway bars
  • Camburg Ball Joint UCA's

Rear Suspension:
  • Kings
  • Super Flex 2" lift springs
  • Sway bar disconnect Links (currently disconnected)
  • Extended Brake lines
  • MetalTech adjustable lower links
  • OEM upper links

  • EBC 3GD Rotors front and back
  • EBC green stuff 7000 series front
  • EBC green stuff 6000 series rear

  • bent, scrapped and abused front/transmission/transfer case RCI metal skid plates
  • Boztec rear diff skid
  • dented and scrapped OEM rock sliders

Bumper and winch:
  • Trailworx tubed winch bumper
  • Smittybilt XRC 9.5 synthetic

- PRG Snorkel

Drive train:
- Raised Rear diff and locker breather (still need to do the transfer case)

  • Mictuning /Amazon LED, 2x 18in(roof rack left and right), 22in curved(hood), "48in" roof rack front
  • 30in Amazon no name brand(roof rack rear)
  • 6x Free Amazon cube lights for temporary rock lights
  • 2x 8.5" PRG LED lights on bumper
  • KC Gravity Pro6 light bar

- Switch Pros SP8100 8-Switch Panel Power System (Super easy, painless wiring system and highly recommend)

  • FJ80 16x8 wheels painted in what I call "Root Beer flake"
  • Synergy 1.5in spacers

- 285/75/16 DickCepek Extreme Country

Roof Rack:
- Warrior Platform rack

  • melted rear bumper cover plastic
  • Bushwhacker fender flares

  • DIY rear door food prep table
  • DIY 3in tall rear Platform to level the back when seats are lowered and E-tracks tie down brackets
  • The Source 10lb CO2 tank with regulator
  • Cheap skull shift knob from Walmart
  • GMRS
  • Roofnest Falcon RTT
-Rhino Rack Batwing Awning

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Recovering from foot surgery, two friends helped me out and Installed the Warrior platform rack and made the Trailworx Hooped light bar mount work. I need to flip the hoop around to get the light alittle lower. Next is Removable side rails and mesh for flooring for roof top Lounging and camping on warm summer nights!

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Really wish I could change the "cookies toy" title.. figured it was a good time for an update...
What would you like it to say instead my friend?? I can change that for you! :bigthumb:
2018 projects! as I move to New Mexico and more desert based overlanding I anticipate the need for more water. So! my summer project this year will be buying the Man-A-Fre AUX gas tank and using it as my water tank. I don't think it will be too difficult to convert it for water use and if I happen to hit a rock hard enough to cause a leak it won't be fuel all over the trail. Water for Showing, Cooking, Cleaning and emergency drinking. Kings in the front and back matched up with a TC Long travel kit and MT long travel kit. Maybe some more LED lights. James Baroud Horizon Vision RTT. Some other little odd end things. Good times to come!
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200,000 miles!
Tire Wheel Car Snow Sky
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