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Coming up to 74000 miles on my 2014 TTUE 6MT.

Odometer Gauge Trip computer Speedometer Motor vehicle

Getting some inspiration on Black Bear Pass with a bird’s eye view of Telluride CO. Thanks to the unknown hiker for volunteering to take the required snapshot.

Mountain Sky Vehicle Car Plant community

Leaving Lavender Canyon near Needles District Canyonlands National Park UT. We were up the canyon camping on BLM land near the park gate.

Tire Sky Water Car Wheel

Climbing just north of Monticello UT. We hiked the slickrock first to make visual notes on the route to our sides as we couldn’t see over the dashboard.

Plant Vehicle Car Tire Automotive tire

Near Silverton CO on the way to the Alpine Loop in August. I don’t remember if the snow was the result an avalanche or a winter of heavy snow. The snow walls were well above the roof.

Sky Cloud Mountain Natural landscape Slope

That’s all folks.
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