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Congratulations to Kristine Rosenberger, AKA Momma Bear, for being selected as the October Member of the Month.​

Muddygrrl: What will your FJ look like years from now?

Momma Bear: Fridge and rooftop Tent

Beat Up if it is still running...

MG: What will you look back on and remember most?

MB: All the fun we have had on the trails and the great people we have met.

MG: What has the forum done for you and what can the forum learn from you?

MB: The forum has made me aware of the love that everyone has for their FJ's and the amount of money everyone spends on their mods.

MG: What is the most unusual thing about you?

MB: That I actually enjoy 4-wheeling with my husband since I would never go when we had a Jeep…ugh!

MG: What was the best day of your life?

MB: Having my son Conrad.

MG: Where or what is your most desired adventure/excursion?

MB: Moab Rim

MG: What is you favorite trail/trip?

MB: Poison Spider

MG: What is your favorite mod to date?

MB: Diamond Plate over the rock sliders so I don't fall through the holes.

MG: What mod would you not do again?

MB: Warn front bumper

MG: What does your FJ do for you? How has it affected your life?

MB: The FJ has brought our family together for your time together. It has also affected our life by my husband being on the forum 24/7.

MG: Who are you in real life?

MB: A caring person who is loyal and supportive to her friends and family.

MG: Why did you buy your FJ?

MB: Husband wanted a new trail rig and it could also have been a midlife crisis.

MG: How do you expect your mods to benefit you?

MB: To get us off the trail and home safely and to be able to help other if need.

MG: What is your favorite music?

MB: A little big of everything or as Bernd says CHIC music..

MG: Did you have a previous vehicle that was as fun as your FJ?

MB: No as nothing compare to the FJ!

MG: How & why do you participate on the Forum?

MB: I use the forum to keep in touch with the friends I have meet at the Summit and to see what new mods my husband and his buddies are planning.

MG: I, state your name…

MB: I, Kristine Rosenberger, support my husband with this habit as it gets Bernd and Conrad out of the house for some good father and son time and I get to blare my CHIC music and clean the house...

MG: What did you want to be when you were 12-years-old? How has that changed and/or how has that affected your life today?

MB: When I was 12 I wanted to be a special ed teacher but ended up being a travel agent as I became too attached to the kids.

MG: Describe your ideal weekend. This cannot include the FJ. J

MB: My ideal weekend is a day at the spa and then sitting on the couch in my sweats eating bon bons.

MG: How would your acquaintances (Not your friends who really know you) describe you?

MB: Crazy, Wild and out going... Fun to be around

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Congrats :wave:

I think your a great choice! Tell Bernd I said hi too. I hope next year we can get together and do some wheeling together. :)


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Congratulations, it was great seeing you at the Summit again this year - I really enjoyed your interview:cheers:


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Awesome, congrats Kris! Now we just have to figure a way to get you and I both out on the trail at the same time sometime soon.:D

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Nice, well deserved Kris. Nice interview and, truth be told, we know that you are not that "wild and crazy". I know that you and Regina would love to spend a day in Washington Square or Pioneer, trying on shoes at Nordstom's, sipping Starbuck's and hitting the day spa for a pedicure, facial and massage...

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Congrats momma bear!!!!:clap::cheers:

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We just got home from the Kokopelli Trail Run and saw that you are the member of the month!!!

Congrats!!! Your interview is wonderful!!!



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damm......i shared the trails with a celeb;-)....Momma Bear what a name..rock on,

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