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OE seat covers

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OE seatcovers.

Front Passenger Base - N/A
Front Passenger Back - N/A
Passenger ArmRest

Front Driver Base -N/A
Front Driver Back
Driver ArmRest

Rear 60 Base
Rear 60 Back

Rear 40 Base
Rear 40 Back

All or individual pieces.
Yours for the shipping cost.
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i could use a front drivers base....
whats shipping to 11767
I'll take the passenger side arm rest-- shipping to 21075?
I really need the front driver side base.
Mine has a HOLE in it.

If Will does not take. I will be great full for it.

Anyone else has one they no longer need?
thanks man i recieved the cover today! no more cigarette burns! sweet.....sorry singha these burns where driving me nuts!
To a well deserved man. No problem.
Did you ever get a SWR meter?
My boy should be getting it today. So I need to tune mine.
i havent gotten around to it yet...still gotta get the meter...
do you still have the front passenger base and back? velcro messed mine up bad
where in Tejas are you?
Spring - far north Houston.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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