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That title made me think of BBQ, for some reason, anyhoo, the black-out project continues and that means I have extra parts laying around.

Asking prices do not include shipping which, for calculation purposes, would be from 20175.

On to the items:

OEM grille and bezel pulled at 6k there is a tiny, tiny nick along the bottom side of teh bezel, right behind where the aux driving lights would go. It's so small that I cant get it to show on the pic. But I know it's there and it isn't "Mint", per se. Asking 75

Front valence, pulled at 6k . Slight rubbing where licesnce plate rests on it. Again, you wont see it, due to the license plate being there, but I know it's there and it isn't quite mint. Asking 45

Set of front bumper caps. Pulled at 6k, no dings. Nice! Asking 65 for set.

Passenger side mirror assembly pulled at 500 miles. Perfect condition Asking 100

Silver passenger side door handle. pulled at 500 miles. Asking 12

OEM auto shifter knobs, both transmission and transfer, perfect. $50 set.

Have a good one!


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