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So, 10 months into the FJ and I finally had a chip turn into a crack (10 hours after the chip – before I could get the chip filled).

After reading info here that not all glass is created equal, I called Techniglass to ask about glass. They hadn’t heard anything about it, but still… Their glass was ~$370, and they said they could get the Toyota OEM glass for ~$1200. He said Geico won’t pay for The OEM glass unless they approve it, but he would give it a shot.

He called Geico to get additional cost approval, and Geico wanted to talk to me as well. Geico was asking why, and I said that it was my understanding that OEM glass has to meet stronger impact requirements than aftermarket glass. She put me on hold to ask around, and came back saying that they don’t have any info on it, but they WOULD approve the $1200 glass!

Needless to say, the Techniglass rep was pretty amazed they approved it, and so was I. I wasn’t putting up a fight to get it, I was just willing to give it a shot, and if it didn’t work, so be it.

Anyway – just so you all know – Geico HAS approved the OEM glass (for me, at least), so if you want it, give it a try. And also a big kudos to Techniglass (Draper, UT) for going the extra mile!

BTW – only a $50 deductible.. :bigthumb:
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