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Need some help here.....

I'm trying to wire some Rugged Ridge HID's to the offroad switch that is pictured below. The Rugged Ridge has a red power wire that connects directly to the battery and then feeds back into a inline fuse and then into the relay. Then there is a black wire that comes out of the relay and is used to attach to a 3 prong switch that comes with the rugged ridge HID kit. I can attach a ground wire and this black wire to get the Rugged Ridge switch to work and operate the light. However, the offroad OEM switch becomes a problem for me. I wired in this configuration:

Off Road Switch

1.Illumination Ground – Ground it

2. Missing

3.Line out to relay- wire to relay

4.Switch power – Spliced into marker/headlamp tap

5. Ground for Backlight- ground it

6.Power for backlight – splice into wire 4

I tried taking PIN 3 and tapping into the relay wire and then taking PIN 4 and placing it into the open Marker/headlamp fuse location in the fusebox. However, this just supplies constant power to the lights and I can't turn them off.

I also tried running the BLACK wire from the HID lights and attaching it to PIN #3 and again using the fuse location in the fuse box. However, when I turn the HID lights on the head lights cutoff.

So, what am I doing wrong? Should I not use the fuse box location and tap into the headlamp wire? I'm trying to add the switch to one of the two slots that are located on the left side of the steering wheel. If I do need to tap into a wire to make the lights function properly what color is the wire that I should be looking for?

I'm tempted to just use a 3 prong switch and forget the OEM switch but i'd prefer the stock look if possible.

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