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Off topic: Kid Rock/Bluestraveler Detroit MI

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A couple Trail Team guys are going to be in the area in July for a couple of concerts and where hoping that the concert venue manager at the DTE Energy Music Theater drives an FJ Cruiser. Is this possible?? We will be driving out from Ouray, CO to Canton, OH with a stop over on Tuesday night July 22 for the Kid Rock show and then on July 24th for the Blues Traveler show at the Meadows Park Music Festival.

Anybody have any inside info on these?

Much appreciated!!
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We live just about 25 minutes from DTE and less than 10 from Meadow Brook Music will be deep in the heart of Chrysler country (and just down the street from Ford), so seeing our beloved trucks is few and far between here. But ya never know...:)

If you guys want some great food and a frosty beverage our door is always open. There are a few people around here that I'm sure would dig meeting you guys, and we always like a great reason to fire up the grill and BBQ. Let me know if you're up for it.

Either way, drop me a PM or an email before you head up here. Detroit is under some ridiculous construction and the detours are even worse. (We are making the Boston BIG DIG construction look simple right now) We make the run to Ohio often and I can get you around all the mess much easier. Don't rely on your Garmin, Tom Tom, carrier pigeon, get you around up here. Their systems take you on detours that can easily add an hour or more to your trip.

Have a great trip and drop me a line before you head out this way. You are up for two great venues! If you haven't seen Kid Rock here before, you'll be in for a great show. Every time he's in Detroit it's another surprise :)

:) nic

edit: it helps if I throw in an email address...
[email protected]
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