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Yes it's early - but time flies when organizing and booking things

(Much of this info is copied from previous years, Larry did a great job ;) )

Where: Florence Oregon

When: Friday March 25 - Sunday March 27 (many arrive Thursday, first organized run Friday)

Requirements: Oregon ATV Type II permit and safety flag.
Nice to Bring: CB Radio, shovel and snatch strap. Groups of 5 or larger need someone leading

Buy your permit at:
True Value hardware store at the Dunes Village Shopping Center, 1750 OR-126, Florence , OR.
The Sportsman also sells them at 249 US-101, Florence, OR.
BI-MART. (not sure if they still do permits) On main street as you enter town.
4310 Highway 101
Florence, OR 97439
Florence Bi-Mart #644 : Monday - Friday 9 am - 8 pm; Saturday 9 am - 6 pm; Sunday 10 am - 6 pm

Camping: Jesse Honeymoon State Park is the best place to camp/trailer if you don't mind the cold and rain.
Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department: Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park

Hotels/Houses: There are a few hotels in the are if your significant other doesn't want to camp... Also there are several house rentals which I would recommend if you have a few people in your group.
Florence Hotels: Compare 11 Hotels in Florence with 2,679 Reviews | TripAdvisor

CB Channel: 21

APPROXIMATE AGENDA (will try to keep updated)
Thursday - Early Bird Night run (TBD)
Friday Day - meet at 10am at South Jetty staging area. Head out at 10:30am after airing down and chit chat.
Friday Night - Night run (TBD)
Saturday Day - meet at 10am. Head out at 10:15.
Saturday Night - Night run (TBD)
Sunday - morning breakfast (TBD). Head home.


Map Area

We had SO many FJ's last year, I lost count!! Hope to see you in 2016!!

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Okay folks, here is the list of attendees. If you end up being a "for-sure" rather than a "maybe" just let me know and I will make corrections. Let's make this the best attended event ever for the Florence Beach Run!

1. westcoastgirl74
2. Alpine FJ
4. fjmadman
6. Primer
7. Solid E
8. wearin_oakleys
9. stiles88
10. jjsmitty
11. Plasticfood
12. Merk
13. TrickedOut
14. amaintaylor
15. Texagon
16. FJzilla
17. Evil Trunk Monkey
19. SafetyDave
20. Seeehorn_12... Other commitments, can't make it.
21. Curtis-BW-Guenther... dang! Other commitments, can't make it.
22. Zed71
23. Matthewkort
24. PNutts... maybe
25. TTFJ
26. vimthedog
27. prghosh
28. Wagoner726... pretty likely now!
29. jays0n
30. StinkFist
31. flyguide83
32. mrsarcasm310
33. FJC Scout 1
34. brad420
35. Crazyfootcoy
36. Ccarr98... maybe
37. BearFJ07
38. Jeff H. from BC
39. Gidget
40. Xtian
41. ApeRST... maybe
42. Lmmmmm... maybe
43. GREGFJ... maybe
44. Black Alki
45. tony5931
46. SandCruiserAdam
47. LiquidWombat
48. lzalusky... very special guest!!!
49. Archinerd
50. daltondrose
51. BenditeFJ
52. 503FJC
53. DaWhiteFamily
54. Anthony Chivers
55. dvwalker... maybe
56. hsusanto
57. FJ Singh
58. Soup... maybe

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I plan on being there. My first year (3 years ago) the Bi-Mart no longer sold permits. I had to go the True Value hardware store at the Dunes Village Shopping Center, 1750 OR-126, Florence , OR. The Sportsman also sells them at 249 US-101, Florence, OR.

Thanks for starting the thread K.

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Look how the time flies! :cheers: I plan on being there again this year. :rocker:


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Oh Hell Yeah!!!! I am looking forward to it!!.

I guess this means the beginning of MOD's for the beach run part 2!! HaHa.


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I'm ready! I'll be camping out again this year, likely at Honeyman.


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Thanks AL, I added your info to the first post

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Let's get a list up of who will be attending! Kerry and I are in for sure! We were first to post!
I think you just volunteered to keep track of the attendance list......
You can add me as well....
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