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So I was getting ready to dive head first under the FJ to get ready for the "do it myself oil change". Well for the life of me I couldn't locate the drain plug. Well instead of jumpin' on forum I used the trusty cell since I had it in the garage with me and I called the dealer. I asked a service rep if he could tell me where I could find the oil drain plug under the FJ, to which he replied," you have to remove the front skid plate". I said the big skid plate in the front of the FJ? He said "YES".
Well common sense kicked in and I thought this guy must be joking me! (In hind sight he really wanted me to come in for service).
So I jumped on the forum, searched oil drain plug and lo and behold there it was.....plain as day right in front of my face. All I can say is THANKS to everyone who submits such useful information for dumb a$$e$ like me. The forum rocks! :bandit:
Maybe I need a computer in the garage.......HONEY, I'm going shopping! :wave:
The Forum is my P.M. manual! You need help it's here.:cheers:
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